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WWE WrestleMania II: A Worthy Sequel?


WrestleMania 2, Part 3: Los Angeles

We are greeted by Ventura, who is being joined on commentary by Lord Alfred Hayes and Elvira. We get a preview of the card. Not sure if the pop is for Steamboat’s unseen arrival or Elvira’s boobs.

Match 9: Ricky Steamboat vs Hercules Hernandez

Hernandez and Steamboat are already in the ring. Steamboat looks more like his normal size. Hernandez looks amazing.

Hernandez hits Steamboat with a high knee during introductions and we’re off. Hernandez is extremely dominant at the start, but Steamboat quickly recovers and turns the tables. It is now all Steamboat, though Hernandez tried to reassert himself.

Hernandez tries again to reassert himself, with a little more success with some punches to the face, but Steamboat again manages to regain control.

Hernandez tries for the third time to regain control and succeeds by ramming Steamboat’s head into the turnbuckle and then kicks him while he’s on the mat. We then get an Irish whip and Hernandez catches Steamboat in a brief, elevated bear hug before slamming him back to the mat and kicking him.

Hernandez makes a mistake by backing off of Steamboat, who tries, with a little success to regain his momentum, but Hernandez nips that and gets into a pinfall situation, which Steamboat quickly kicks out of.

Hernandez flat out punches Steamboat and Steamboat looks like he’s on Rubber Leg Street. Hernandez rams Steamboat’s head into the turnbuckle then whips him into the ropes before hitting him with a back elbow, then a couple of elbow drops and a pose before going for the pin, which Steamboat again kicks out of.

Steamboat’s had enough and start laying out the backhand chops, but Hernandez quickly regains control and goes for successive pin attempts. Hernandez lifts Steamboat into a gorilla press and slams him, then does it again because it’s fun, I guess. Then he goes to the top turnbuckle for a splash but Steamboat gets his knees up and then it’s Steamboat’s turn to go to the top rope and shows Hernandez how it’s done. Steamboat hits the flying crossbody into a successful pinfall

The Winner: Ricky Steamboat by pinfall after hitting a flying crossbody.

Hernandez is furious and protests to the ref, who just shrugs at him.

Comments: This was an excellent start for the LA portion of the show. Steamboat and Hernandez looked great and put on a great match.  Also, if you’re keeping score, Steamboat is 2-0 at WrestleMania.

Match 10: Adrian Adonis (with Jimmy Hart) vs Uncle Elmer

We go directly into the next match with bad Gorgeous George knock off, Adrian Adonis, who looks like a Monty Python ‘squawking housewife’ reject, along with Jimmy Hart. Both are greeted with loud boos.

Uncle Elmer (aka Plowboy Frazier) comes out with generic ‘Backwoods Music’ to a nice pop.

Uncle Elmer dominates from the start, sending Adonis outside twice. Adonis gets back on the apron and Elmer tries to rip the ugly dress off of him, but Adonis uses that to gain the advantage and, thankfully, gets out of the dress.

ow it seems we’re getting down to business, sort of. Elmer misses a leg drop, Adonis goes to the top rope for a flying fist drop and it’s all over.

The Winner: Adrian Adonis via pinfall after a flying fist drop.

As Adonis and Hart celebrate, Elmer gets up, only to be attacked by Adonis before Adonis and Hart leave.

Comments: This seems to be a palate cleanser match, or I hope it was because it is a mystery to me why this is on a WrestleMania card. I have to say, though, I admire Adonis for being man enough go out there to wrestle in an ugly dress and bad makeup. I’m guessing he did the makeup himself.

We’re thrown to Lord Alfred, who is with Hogan, who seems to be in a slightly better mood than earlier. Lord Alfred again mentions the injured ribs and hints that Bundy might have a psychological edge on the Hulkster. Hogan tells ‘Awful Alfred’ that there’s a lot of rumors going around the Hulkster being busted up and laid up, but so what. The World Heavyweight Title is on the line and living in Hulkamania is one day at a time, and because of all the new followers, Hulkamania will live forever. Hogan says that even if he only had one good arm, he’d still get in the cage and defend the World Title like a man.

Hogan admits to thinking about his trip in the ambulance after Bundy hurt his ribs and how angry he was about it. And all the anger and aggressiveness he’s feeling and with so many people watching, he feels sorry for King Kong Bundy. He’s going to take away Bundy’s pride and put it back in the World Title. He also asks Heenan to stick his nose in.  I don’t think he’ll have to ask twice.

Alfred ends the interview by wishing Hogan luck.

Comments: Hogan came across a lot better in this promo, but there’s still something off about his demeanor. I guess they were trying to play up that he’s angry about what Bundy did to him, but it’s not coming across very well.

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