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WWE WrestleMania II: A Worthy Sequel?


Match 11: Hoss Funk (Dory Funk, Jr) and Terry Funk (with Jimmy Hart) vs Junkyard Dog and Tito Santana

We’re thrown back to the ring and the Funks are already starting trouble and shoving the hapless ring announcer. The crowd doesn’t really seem to be feeling the Funks, they’re greeted with a round of boos.

Junkyard Dog and Santana come out to a nice pop and chase the Funks out of the ring, which makes Terry so mad, he starts throwing chairs into the ring.

After that, this match gets crazy very quickly, as you would expect when Terry Funk is involved.

The Winner: The Funks via pinfall after Terry knocks out Junkyard Dog with Jimmy Hart’s megaphone.

Comments: If this match was meant to showcase the Funks’ talent as set them up as a heel tag team, it didn’t really work. Terry’s ring work was incredibly sloppy and silly looking with a few good spots that reminded you that he’s a former NWA World Heavyweight Champion. Dory distinguished himself by being better technically than Terry, but not enough to save this match. Neither team looked good in this mess, which is a shame because it sounded like a good match on paper.

Now it is cage match time and they’re bringing the cage in by hand instead of lowering it down.

We go to Mean Gene, with Hogan lifting weights, bad ribs and all and we’re getting a recap clip of Bundy attacking Hogan.

Going back to Mean Gene, he asks Hogan’s ‘doctor’ about Hogan’s ribs and the doctor says he’s advised Hogan to not do WrestleMania and that he could have a possible herniated disc in his back, and that it could result in permanent injury and surgery for the Hulkster.

Mean Gene gives Hogan his third interview of the night and asks Hogan about this news. Hogan replies that he doesn’t get to call in tired from being WWF World Heavyweight Champion just because he’s sick. Hogan seems to be in a lot pain, to the horror of Mean Gene. Hogan again states that he’s going to defend his title so he won’t disappoint his Hulkamaniacs. He starts doing ‘heavy chins’, chin ups with a 100lb dumbbell hanging around his neck. Mean Gene gets Hogan to stop the heavy chins. Hogan again says that in the steel cage, Bundy is his.

Comments: I have no idea why they felt the need to do three interviews with Hogan that basically repeated the same thing. They could’ve just done Mean Gene interview and maybe put in a couple of more matches.

We cut to Ventura, who is with Heenan and Bundy. Ventura says to Heenan that this has to be the biggest day of his life. Heenan agrees because in a very short time, he’s going to be packing the gold because King Kong Bundy will beat Hulk Hogan.

Ventura turns to Bundy and says he’s worried because Bundy’s beautiful face will be on the line in a cage match. Bundy says that Ventura’s worries are unfounded because historical fact proves that anytime King Kong Bundy and Hulk Hogan are in the same ring, Hogan comes out on the losing end. He also says to get the ambulances fired up because Hogan is going back to the hospital and King Kong Bundy is going to be WWF World Heavyweight Champion, like it or not.

We go back to Heenan who says the doctors in LA will have quite a job putting Hogan back together after Bundy’s through with him and instead of Hulkamania, we’re going to have Bundymania.

Ventura says he thinks Bundy is ready and Hogan’s going to have the fight of his life and Bundy vows to turn LA on its ear when he wins the title.

Comments: This promo was very good. Bundy played the arrogant, over-confident heel to perfection. Heenan was in his element, as was Ventura. They came across much better in this one interview than Hogan did in two of the three he did.

Elvira comes on to send us to New York so we can hear Vince and Susan discuss the main event. Susan doesn’t like the sound of ‘Bundymania’.

Match 12: Steel Cage Match For the WWF World Heavyweight Championship – Hulk Hogan vs King Kong Bundy (with Bobby Heenan)

King Kong Bundy comes out to a HUGE round of boos. All three of our guest officials seem intimidated by Bundy. The pop for Hogan starts the minute Lasorda says ‘And his opponent’.

The pop for Hogan is so loud, you can barely hear ‘Real American’. Hogan gives the cage a good shake before he climbs to the top to rip off his shirt. Hogan’s got that wild look in his eyes and tosses the belt into the center of the ring. Non-combatants clear the ring, and take the belt, and we are off!

This match starts as a slugfest with Hogan taking control early on, knocking Bundy into the cage and landing a big boot. Bundy tries, half-heartedly to escape, but Hogan stops him and keep whaling on him; problem is that Bundy isn’t going down.

Hogan tries to ram Bundy’s head into the cage one time too many and Bundy counters and tries to ram Hogan’s head into the cage, Hogan counters, so Bundy takes a shot at the injured ribs and gains control of the match.

Bundy is focusing on Hogan’s ribs and back. Bundy makes a more determined effort to escape through the door, but Hogan stops him and gets rammed into the cage and body slammed for his trouble. Bundy goes for the cage door again, and Heenan is trying to help him get out.

Bundy decides to stop Hogan by unwrapping the injured ribs and using the bandage to choke Hogan, much to Heenan’s approval. Again, Bundy tries to escape but Hogan stops him…again.

Hogan RAMS Bundy’s head into the cage and finally knocks the Walking Condominium off his feet. Heenan gets on Bundy immediately, trying to get him back his feet.

Hogan tries to decide whether he wants to try and escape or keep beating up Bundy. He decides to beat up Bundy and draws some blood. Bundy manages to get to his feet, gets punched some more, his back raked, and rammed into the cage some more for his trouble.

Hogan gets on the ropes and chokes Bundy with the ropes before punching Bundy some more. In fact, he punches him so much, he hurts his hand.

Unfortunately, Hogan gets ahead of himself. He tries to slam Bundy but, in an eerie precursor to next year’s WrestleMania, can’t lift the big man and gets squashed instead.

Bundy’s more vertical than Hogan, but it’s hard to tell who’s really in control here since both men are gasping for air.

Both men are trying to get to their feet. Bundy tries one more for the door, but Hogan grabs the bandage and begins to choke Bundy. Bundy gets loose, shoots Hogan to the corner, hits the Avalanche and the Big Splash, but it means nothing here.

Heenan’s getting desperate and tries to pull Bundy out of the cage by the straps on his singlet, but again, Hogan stops him. Bundy shoots into the corner, hits another Avalanche, but now Hogan’s getting his second wind and starts Hulking up.

He no-sells everything Bundy gives him and manages to body slam and Leg Drop the big man. Now Hogan starts getting out of the cage, but Bundy’s up and after him. They’re fighting in on the ropes and Hogan’s half out. Bundy heads for the door, but Hogan drops to the floor, retaining his WWF Championship, and the crowd goes wild.

Now that Hogan’s dealt with Bundy, he wants to…talk to Mr. Heenan. We watch Hogan chase Heenan around the ring before Heenan bolts into the cage and shuts the door. Hogan grabs the door and, because Heenan is clutching the door for dear life, gets pulled into the turnbuckle. Hogan gets into the cage while Heenan tries to escape. Hogan beats up on Heenan a little before giving him an atomic drop that sends him outside to King Kong Bundy. Lasorda makes the official announcement and everyone not named Ventura, Bundy, and Heenan are happy.

The Winner: Hulk Hogan retains by escaping the cage.

Comments: This match was surprisingly good considering that neither man is known for their technical skill. The story about Hogan’s injured ribs was played to the hilt, and made Bundy look like a monster. Hogan’s win protected Bundy by making it more about luck than skill.


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