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WWE WrestleMania II: A Worthy Sequel?


WrestleMania 2 Overall Comments

This wasn’t a great sequel to WrestleMania. It was way too full and seemed to be trying to do too much. The Piper vs Mr. T boxing match was awful. The one major highlight was the Tag Team Match, which was easily Match of the Night, though the Savage/Steel match is a close second. The Battle Royale was pretty decent and had the right ending of a WWF guy winning.

Hogan/Bundy was a pretty good effort from both men, great work playing up Hogan’s ribs and back. We got lots of back and forth and we also got to see Hogan gets some retribution on Heenan.

Celebrities at WrestleMania 2

The celebrities were very hit and miss. Other than Ernie Ladd, who’d actually worked in Professional Wrestling, the celebrity commentators weren’t very good. Susan St. James and Cathy Lee Crosby both made great efforts, but neither of them really had much knowledge outside of what they’d seen on TV; Elvira just seemed to be there for her cleavage.

I’m still perplexed by the reason behind having Ozzie Osborne with the British Bulldogs. I get that they’re all from Manchester, but Ozzie did nothing but stand there. He could’ve supported the Bulldogs from the audience.

Overall, this was an okay sequel to WrestleMania. It didn’t surpass the first one, but it did a good job building on the legacy of the first one. I think Vince learned something from this because he’s never done the three-city show again.

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