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WWE WrestleMania IV: Macho Man Ascends & Fuse is Lit


This look back at WWE WrestleMania 4 appears here, taken from it’s original form from Tiffany MC’s post at The Chairshot. Despite everything going on, it’s still WrestleMania and still the biggest day of the wrestling year!

WrestleMania IV comes in under two major sources of pressure: To meet or exceed the immense success of WrestleMania III, and to put on a compelling show that consisted of a WWF Championship Tournament. Does it succeed? Let’s all find out

Opener: Since WrestleMania IV is coming to us from Atlantic City, our opening graphics feature slot machines. We start with Mean Gene Okerlund, who welcomes us to the show! He introduces us to Gladys Knight, who will be singing ‘America, The Beautiful’.

Gladys sounds gorgeous, as always. The video celebrates the symbols of America, as well as America’s diversity. The crowd loves it.

We see the refs come out with a HUGE trophy, with the participants of the Battle Royal behind them.

WrestleMania 4 Match 1: Battle Royal

This is a good mix of singles and tag teams. One memorable mention is Sika Anoa’i, father of future WWE superstars Rosey and Roman Reigns. I’m not sure why Junkyard Dog isn’t in the tournament.

Bad News Brown and Bret Hart double team Junkyard Dog before Bad News double-crosses Bret and eliminates him. Bret retaliates by beating up Bad News and trashing the trophy.

Winner: Bad News Brown by eliminating Bret Hart

Highlights: George ‘The Animal’ Steel staying outside and eliminating people. A hint of a face turn for Bret Hart. Bob Uecker comparing the battle royal to baseball was funny.

Finkel is back in the ring and he’s trying to explain the rules of the Championship tournament but the mic isn’t working. Robin Leach is brought in to give the proclamation about the tournament and give the title.

Our first two competitors are Hacksaw Jim Duggan and the Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase. Since we couldn’t hear Finkel’s explanation of the rules, Monsoon and Ventura explain that the first round matches have a fifteen minute time limit, quarterfinals have a twenty minute time limit, semi-finals can go thirty minutes, and the final round will go until someone is declared the winner. The tournament is single elimination, only the winners will advance. If both men get counted out, disqualified, or the match goes the full time limit, both men are eliminated.

We’re told that Andre and Hogan, being the only former WWF Champions among the competitors, get an automatic bye to the quarterfinals.

First Round Match 1: Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase (with Virgil and Andre the Giant)

Hacksaw is out first to a nice pop, 2×4 in tow. DiBiase is out next with Virgil, who looks thrilled as always, and Andre, who is not dressed for competition just yet.

This was an odd match up, but it worked really well. DiBiase carried Duggan quite a bit, but both looked pretty good. The interference by Andre and wonky count protected Duggan.

Winner: Million Dollar Man by pinfall after Andre trips Hacksaw. He will meet the winner of the Don Muraco/Dino Bravo match.

Thoughts: As much as I love Hacksaw, I’m not really sure why he’s in this tournament as he’s not as good as the other guys. I’m guessing that, in a precursor to what would happen in the Royal Rumble in a few years, his win in the inaugural Rumble got him in the tournament.

Next up, Mean Gene interviews Brutus ‘The Barber’ Beefcake. Brutus has his hedge clippers and pretends to cut Okerlund’s hair. For some add reason, Mean Gene comments on Brutus’ gear like he’s hasn’t been dressing like this for years. Brutus vows to win the Intercontinental title from Honky Tonk Man. He also says he’s going to give Jimmy Hart a haircut if he interferes, or I hope that’s what he’s threatening to do.

Thoughts: Brutus’ tan looks a little overdone and he looks a little nuts, but this was a good interview for him.


First Round Match 2: Don Muraco (with Superstar Billy Graham) vs Dino Bravo (with Frenchy Martin)

We go back to the ring for the second match of the first round of our tournament. Dino Bravo is already in the ring with Frenchy Martin, his manager. Dino’s not too popular. Don Muraco comes out with his manager, ‘Superstar’ Billy Graham, both clad in tie dye. Muraco’s getting a great pop, but that might be partially because of Superstar.

This was a surprisingly good match for such big guys. Both used a lot of power moves and the crowd seemed into it. Both looked great, the DQ finish protects Bravo.

Winner: Don Muraco by DQ after Bravo pulled the ref in front of him. Muraco will face Million Dollar Man in quarterfinals

Highlight: Muraco slipping off the second turnbuckles and trying to cover it was funny. So was Superstar chasing after Frenchy Martin, waving his cane.

Thoughts: Graham looked like a turkey that had been left in the oven too long, but I was genuinely surprised by how good this match was since Muraco and Bravo are very muscular and more known for their power.

We go to Bob Uecker who is looking for Vanna White, who is the premiere special guest (Wheel of Fortune had just become hot thanks, in part, to Vanna). Jimmy Hart and Honky Tonk Man walk up and begin harassing Uecker, implying that he was looking for something other than Vanna White. Uecker’s not amused and tells Jimmy Hart about Beefcake’s promise to give Hart a hair cut if he gets involved. Honky and Hart refused to be intimidated and throw Uecker’s sub-par batting average (.20o) in his face. Honky says that they’re there to talk about serious business like the Intercontinental Title and cutting someone’s hair.

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