X Division: Honoring Innovation With 50 TNA/Impact Wrestling Champions


Alexander began his wrestling career in 2005, which is the same year AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels, and Samoa Joe had their classic encounter at Unbreakable. Also, he was trained by Johnny Devine, who we know is a former X Division Champion. Because Impact has been around for 20 years, we are seeing those who were inspired by it at a young age, wanting to live out their dream in the same company they grew up with.

Where Is He Now? – Alexander is the two-time Impact World Heavyweight Champion and face of the company. He’s not going anywhere soon.



#49. Trey Miguel — 1 Reign, 182 days

He won the title in a tournament final three-way after Alexander vacated. Trey Miguel has had a strange career with Impact. He began as a trio in The Rascalz, with the two guys who became the MSK tag team in NXT. All three announced they were leaving the company and were given a heartfelt send-off. The kicker is that Miguel returned two months later, and was now on his own.

Impact immediately put him in an odd feud with Sami Callihan, who berated him for leaving and coming back so soon. All the while, it seems like he was trying to help Miguel by bringing some killer instinct out of him. After weeks of mind games, Miguel defeated Callihan at Rebellion in a Last Man Standing match. And then, six months later, he entered a tournament and won the title.

It all fell flat from here. He didn’t have any noteworthy challengers or moments. It’s almost like Impact forgot that they had him in such a high-profile feud. Miguel desperately needed another one, only this time over the X Division title. Nothing materialized, and then he lost the title to Ace Austin at this year’s Rebellion. It was a lackluster reign, and I don’t believe it has anything to do with him. Impact had already pushed Alexander to the World title, so they’re not ready to do the same with anyone else just yet.

Where Is He Now? – Wondering if The Rascalz will ever get back together so they can all be relevant again. Sorry, that was in poor taste. He’s still with Impact working in the X Division, but who knows where he goes from here?

X Division

#50. Mike Bailey — 1 Reign, 1+ days

“Current Champion” – I’ve been low key impressed with Mike Bailey’s work since coming to Impact. He’s expressive, works well, and has the tools to be valuable in this business. He won the X Division title at this year’s Slammiversary in a cracking Ultimate X match. If you know nothing about him, let’s get up to speed with ‘Speedball’.

  • Bailey has been wrestling since 2006 and is 31 years old, which means he began wrestling when he was 15.
  • He has worked for IWS, CZW, Progress, Rev Pro, WXW, DDT, and ROH.
  • In 2016, he was banned from entering the United States (he’s Canadian) for five years because he couldn’t wait for his visa to get sorted, and was caught trying to enter the country so he could work a match for Evolve.
  • He is married to fellow wrestler and former ROH star Veda Scott.
  • He is legitimately a black belt in taekwondo.
  • Previously worked under a mask and the name Kitsune.


Well, there you go. 50 TNA/Impact Wrestling X Division Champions… well, if we include “Vacant” or Suicide. This has been a long piece that took several days to make, so I hope you appreciate the effort. There was much to go through, so apologies if there were any errors. I originally meant for this to be a top 10, but I thought… eh, let’s just feature them all. The X Division deserves that.

I hope this can serve as an educational article for any newer Impact fans who would like to learn about its history. There’s no denying that the X Division has had its difficulties, but it has reliably provided exciting wrestling since 2002. The names and faces may have changed, but the point hasn’t. The X Division is about innovation and having no limits, and here’s to another 20 years of that!

With that said, please let me know who your favorite X Division Champions are. Can we do a Top 5 best X Division champions of all time in the comments? That would be cool. If you made it this far without skimming through, you have my utmost appreciation. Thanks for reading!


X Division

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