X Division: Honoring Innovation With 50 TNA/Impact Wrestling Champions



#33. Tigre Uno — 1 Reign, 199 days

“1st Mexican Champion” – As the company looked to downsize following a financial setback, it brought in Tigre Uno to make a luchador star. He ended up setting the record for the longest single reign in recent memory. The problem with that? It was shockingly forgettable.


He could work, but when the company isn’t doing enough to make you care? What’s the point? Tigre Uno should have been so much more, but it’s like they couldn’t be bothered.

Where Is He Now? – Extreme Tiger returned to the independent scene. He was recently booked for matches with Pro Wrestling Noah.

X Division

#34. Trevor Lee — 3 Reigns, 339 days

“To The Moon!” – Long before Cameron Grimes took us to the moon in NXT, we knew him as Trevor Lee in the X Division. And man… he was a good heel. As a student of Jeff & Matt Hardy, there was a lot of expectation there. He walked through the door with Gregory Helms as his manager, but as soon as they figured out he could talk, he didn’t need a mouthpiece anymore. He paired up with Brian Myers (Curt Hawkins) for a while, and they won the tag titles.

Trevor Lee was like a breath of fresh air in the X Division. Not since Doug Williams had I hated a champion for the right reasons. I wanted to see him, but I also wanted someone to beat him. So when he turned up in NXT, I already knew what he could do, and I hoped he’d do well.

Where Is He Now? – Since his NXT debut, Cameron Grimes has become NXT North American Champion, and also a Million Dollar Champion (when Ted DiBiase reintroduced it). I’d say he worked best as a heel, but the character was so good that the fans got behind him and he turned face. Now he’s struggling, I think it’s time he goes back to the moon as a heel.


#35. Eddie Edwards — 2 Reigns, 30 days

“Steadily” – Edwards had a slow start to his singles career in Impact. He was best known as one-half of The American Wolves with Davey Richards. When the team split up, Edwards struggled to find his feet. He won the X Division title, but his reigns were short. As a former ROH World Champion, there had been a level of expectation that wasn’t lived up to.

This changed when his feud with Sami Callihan went mainstream. A stray swing of a baseball bat struck him in the eye, and TMZ picked up the story of the vicious blow. Callihan played into it by saying he did it on purpose. He pushed Edwards down a dark path, which morphed Edwards into something else. Eddie became chaotic, violent, and callous. He wasn’t the same man anymore.

Edwards was nothing like he was in the X Division. It turned out that being a typical “wrestler” was holding him back. It took that struggle, along with an unfortunate botch, to make him see what was in front of him. Eddie Edwards as the X Division Champion is not what fans wanted to see. I like Eddie, but he was uninteresting. Like many others, The X Division served as a stepping stone, but not in the usual way.

Where Is He Now? – He is the leader of the ROH outcast group, Honor No More. Since debuting for Impact in 2014, Edwards has become one of Impact’s most consistent and loyal workers. His feud with Sami Callihan elevated him to the point he twice claimed the World Championship.

X Division

#36. Mike Bennett — 1 Reign, 1 day

“Above this” – Mike Bennett never wanted to be X Division Champion, but he did so to frustrate Eddie Edwards. While his reign only lasted a day, it was more like 3 weeks because of tape delays.

Since losing it back to Edwards, despite having plenty of motivation, Bennett struggled to reach the main event scene. When he signed with WWE, he was a low-level enhancement talent who, for a while, was being purposely embarrassed on TV by his wife Maria. After leaving WWE, his life has gotten better, more so because he got his substance abuse issue under control.

Where Is He Now? – After working with ROH since late 2021, the company temporarily closed and its talent was out of contract. Impact signed him and several others, and they now follow Eddie Edwards in the outcast group, Honor No More.


#37. Lashley — 1 Reign, 30 days

“Undisputed” – Before Bobby Lashley could realize his dream of becoming the almighty WWE Champion, he had already dominated Impact. During the height of his tenure, the World Champion went on a mission to claim all the promotions singles titles. After defeating Eddie Edwards in a Winner Take All match, Lashley became the World, X Division, and King of the Mountain Champion.

He stood tall as the undisputed champion for a month. While doing so, he insulted all the X Division stars for being beneath him. Lashley was on fire as he was cutting all of his own promos. I haven’t heard him talk better than this in WWE. It was decided that Impact would unify (& deactivate) the King of the Mountain title with the World Championship, and the X Division title would be vacated. To date, this is the last time the World Champion held the X Division title at the same time.

Where Is He Now? – Embarrassing Theory with his poses. Again, I’m not joking. Bobby Lashley is doing well as a babyface in WWE, which is something the company so desperately wanted during his first run.

X Division

#38. Sonjay Dutt — 1 Reign, 81 days

“Finally!” – For years, Sonjay Dutt had often been named one of the best X Division stars to never win the title. It became the go-to for heels whenever they wanted to upset him. Through all the matches and opportunities, he had always failed to accomplish his dream. In 2017, fourteen years after making his debut for TNA, Dutt finally won the X Division title by defeating Low-Ki in front of an Indian crowd (he is American with Indian heritage).

The win was so popular that most of the roster came out to celebrate it with him. He later lost it to Trevor Lee, just before Impact was set for a merger with Jeff Jarrett’s Global Force Wrestling. Only Dutt & Lee were ever called the “GFW X Division Champion” before the merger fell through and they renamed the title the “Impact X Division Championship”.

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