​Zach Gowen Discusses A Meeting He Had With Vince McMahon Over A Brock Lesnar Storyline


Zach Gowen recently spoke our for a new interview. During the interview, Gowen recalled the angle where Brock Lesnar shoved a stunt man dressed as him down a flight of chairs in a wheelchair, saying that Vince McMahon gave him the option of taking the bump himself.

“WWE is a production,” Gowen said. “It’s a real, live, television production. They have stunt men come in and do things, especially in backstage segments. So, they had a stunt man take the bump for me, which was great. Right before the stunt man is about to take the fall, I’m standing up there watching them film it. Vince McMahon looks at me and he says, “You know, kid, if you want… you can take the bump. You can do it yourself if you want.” I said, “no thanks man.” I know I’m stupid but I’m not that stupid. I’m not going to fall down two flights of stairs in a wheel chair. I’m not trained to do that.”

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