Ziggler needs to be pushed to the top


Somebody please save Dolph Ziggler. I know it’s something
you’ve all probably heard at lot but Dolph Ziggler is a worthy main-eventer. His
match on Smackdown against Rollins was phenomenal. The match had some back and
forth moments and Ziggler showed how talented he was. He and Rollins both
showcased the wealth of talent that they have at their disposal and without a
doubt, Rollins is on course to be a future world champion and you can all say
Ziggler was also a world champion but now, I think it’s about time Ziggler had
gold around his waist again. He needs a credible world title run to really show
that he is one of the best.

Ziggler is already a 2 time world champion yet neither reign
has been long enough or impressive enough to satisfy the craving to see Ziggler
as the top guy. Every match that Ziggler performs in, he performs amazingly. He
is the sort of competitor who could hack it in an iron match with Daniel Bryan.
He is a great in ring technician and is one of the best in the business so I have
to say, it’s about time the company treated him like one and put the world
title around his waist.

 I honestly believe
the company has recognised the talent of Ziggelr and that they just don’t like
him. It’s been reported often enough that Ziggler is very egotistic and very
outspoken and maybe that is why the company isn’t hot for him. He’s often in
important matches e.g. his battles with Batista and this week’s Smackdown
against Seth Rollins. The company put him in these matches because they can see
how good Ziggler is and recognise that he can bring out the best in other
competitors. My fear is that Ziggler will never wind his neck in. anybody who’s
witnessed him being interviewed will know exactly what I mean. I’ve seen an
interview where he openly says that he hates John Cena. For me, this is
preventing Ziggler from being the top guy. He needs to resist the temptation to
offer these sorts of opinions and wait until he reaches the top before he
starts running his mouth about the other competitors as at the moment, in terms
of stature within the company he is below them.

He has been a Triple Crown winner and held both the U.S and
I.C title and in my opinion, Zigggler really needs a championship run yet
again. I’d like to see a feud between him and Barrett as I Could only imagine that
the promos would be first class and the matches of a top quality.  He is one of the best so he needs a genuine
story line where he can show his talent and a feud with Barrett for the I.C
title would provide this. I don’t know how the WWE can afford to keep him off
PPV’s when it’s so clear what the fans want. At Payback there was a chant of “we
want Ziggler.” I couldn’t agree more and to be honest and if creative can’t
think of anything for him they must be morons. Know I’m going to make a few suggestions
of what I think creative can do or more importantly are likely to do (if they
ever do anything with him) for Ziggler to make him the top man or at least get
him on course for it.

The obvious choice is for Ziggler to become the third member
of the shield. We’ve seen him take on Batista and Rollins when they were part
of Evolution and I’d suggest he comes out and challenges Triple H to a one on
one match instead of hiding behind one of his little henchmen. I’d then have
the Game declare that there will be a 3 on one handicap match Ziggler vs.
Evolution. As they all begin ambushing Ziggler I’d have the hounds of Justice
come out and level the playing field. Then, triple H makes the main event of
the evening a 6-man tag match between the two teams. This is a PPV worthy match
so I’d have the match never actually end properly or for that matter even start
I’d just have a 3 on 3 bawl for 10 to 15 minutes which results in Ziggler
saving both Reigns and Ambrose and being invited to run with the pack. This is
how I’d like to see it played if Ziggler was to join The Shield but I’d rather
see someone from NXT come up and join the Shield but I wouldn’t be surprised to
see Ziggler become the third member of The Shield.

Why does Kane deserve a shot at the world championship shot?
In my mind he’s past it. He’s had his day and now, it’s time to move aside. We’ve
seen Kane come out and destroy Kingston for supposedly slagging off the
authority and we all know the outspoken Ziggler has slagged off Evolution. I’d have
Kane come out doing the dirty work for his boss and beating the daylights out
of Ziggler for his insults. The next week on Raw I’d have Kane come and attack
someone else e.g. Cody Rhodes. I know he has the current angle with Goldust but
they could draw on real life and have Kane attack him due to the actions of
Dusty Rhodes (I’m not exactly sure what he did but I know it wound up a lot of
the guys backstage). If they want to keep the Rhodes brothers in the same storyline
they could have Goldust rush out and attempt to save him only for Ziggler and
Kingston to emerge and take out Kane. You could then have Goldust start slating
ziggler and Kingston claiming he had this and then, Cody blasts Goldust
claiming they needed Ziggler and Kingston to save them as his brother was
useless. This could then lead to Goldust joining forces with Kane and condemning
the actions of his father claiming he always tried to avoid the association
with him that’s why he never used the Rhodes name (this is just to turn him

From there I would have Godlust and Kane recruit a new member
maybe even two and have them feud with the young up and comers. I would have
the fourth member of the younger group be Evan Bourne as he and Kingston could
reunite as Air Boom. This would be a classic case of the old guys putting over
the young guys but it’s a storyline that’s not exactly original and wouldn’t be
overly exciting to watch. This is why I can imagine it’s something the creative
could do but if it elevates Ziggler back to the top then I’m not bothered whether
it’s boring or not. It could lead to Ziggler feuding one on one with Kane,
Rhodes with Goldust and Air boom with the other two and I could imagine that
being The New Age Outlaws again. They could then forma faction and as anyone who’s
read my other articles will know I believe factions are the way forward. This is
ehy I feal this could work. Obviously, I’d have Ziggler as the leader.

I think having Ziggler managed by the nature Boy Ric Flair
is an absolute genius idea. They both are experts on the mic and who better to
help Ziggler to the top than a 16-time world champion? Flair could cut promos about
how Ziggler is this generation’s answer to himself and there’s nobody on the
roster better or more capable than him. This could lead to a feud between
Ziggler and Cesaro. The two would have absolutely amazing matches and the
promos between Flair and Heyman would be unbelievable. Both would be claiming
their clients are the best only for Ziggler and Cesaro to prove that they’re
the best by the calibre of match that they have. This is the favourite of all
my suggestions. As much as I could see the other two working this would be the
one I’d most like to see happen. The two men would complement each other so
much and could be excellent faces or heels. It’s a dream combination and one we
may actually see. It’s definitely the one that would save Ziggler. On a side
note I got twitter yesterday so if you fancy giving me a follow @kpkane22. Cheers
for reading.

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