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Editorial5 Best WWE Network Original Shows to Binge Watch in Quarantine

5 Best WWE Network Original Shows to Binge Watch in Quarantine



Dire circumstances across the whole world have left entire countries on lockdown. The Coronavirus is an unprecedented epidemic that has affected every market and person in the world in some way. Millions of people around the globe are currently self-quarantined, practicing social distancing, and trying to keep themselves entertained as they most likely are sitting at home.

If you are anything like me, you are relying on the entertainment industry to help get you through this trying time. Luckily for you, I’ve poured over WWE Network’s thousands of hours of content and I have come up with the five best original programs to watch on the WWE Network while you are in quarantine.

Sit back, relax, and let these amazing wrestling related shows entertain you.

5. WWE Chronicle

John Cena
John Cena Backstage At Friday Night SmackDown In Boston, Mass.

WWE Chronicle is one of WWE’s most diverse shows. Chronicle focuses on one wrestler at a time, and always one with an interesting story. The episodes are anywhere from 20-45 minutes making these episodes short and sweet.

Chronicle dives deep into the personal lives of the superstars and how they navigate their time in the WWE. Topics featured on WWE Chronicle include Paige’s early forced retirement, Ali and his career, Cain Velasquez coming to the WWE, the rise of Becky Lynch, and more.

4. Ride Along

Sheamus and Cesaro

Ride Along is one of the WWE Network’s simplest, and lighthearted shows, yet never fails to disappoint. The premise of the show is basic: Stick a camera on the dashboard of a wrestler’s car and watch them travel with other superstars in the locker room to the next show.

I personally love Ride Along because you get to see the Superstars out of character and talking candidly about life on the road, experiences they’ve had wrestling, and their friendships. Ride Along is another quick watch and a great way to stay entertained when you are alone in quarantine.

3. WWE 365

Alexa Bliss

WWE 365 is one of the most interesting shows on the network. Producers choose one superstar to follow for an entire year. The 365 days of film are then compiled into a documentary which captures the life of the chosen wrestler in and out of the ring.

The episodes are 45 minutes to an hour long which allows the viewer to get really in depth with the wrestlers. Wrestlers are often chosen because they are entering an interesting part of their career or are currently involved in top storylines which insures that each episode is relevant and fascinating.

2. Camp WWE

Camp WWE poster

Oh boy. Camp WWE is seriously hilarious- and inappropriate! I was shocked that WWE created such raunchy and hilarious content. Camp WWE is an adult animated comedy series which features WWE superstars attending the same summer camp as kids run by the McMahon family.

The series makes fun of current active wrestlers and includes many voices from the wrestlers themselves including Ric Flair, Sgt. Slaughter, and Vince himself! My only complaint about the series is that there aren’t more episodes.

Honorable Mentions

  • Swerved
  • Breaking Ground
  • WWE Countdown
  • The Edge and Christian Show That Totally Reeks of Awesomeness
  • Table for 3

1. WWE 24

WWE 24 is in my opinion, the WWE Network’s best show. The show is an hour long, sometimes longer and is by far the most emotional and revealing program on the network. The show focuses on a wrestler such as Seth Rollins, Booker T, or Ronda Rousey, but also focuses on time periods and specific events in wrestling such as the Women’s Evolution, certain WrestleMania’s, a Daniel Bryan tribute episode, and more.

The episodes are all very in depth, well done, and educational. I learned a lot about each wrestler and event from watching this show and hope they continue to pick hard hitting topics like they have been.

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