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Editorial5 Superstars who can put down the Authority

5 Superstars who can put down the Authority




I know what your thinking, dark horse right? But hear me out! Around Survivor Series it looked like Ryback was an unstoppable beast. But I guess WWE figure they already had one of those so Ryback was shot down to Mid card once again. I think WWE has been looking for direction for Ryback for a long time and him mauling through the Authority might be the way to do it.

4.Roman Regins

At Wrestlemania 31, or Wrestlemania there’s too much sun outside, Roman Reigns was screw by the Authority. In fact, the Authority said the pushed Reigns only because they wanted Seth Rollins to Cash in on him. So not only did they make Reigns look Weak, but the made him look stupid too. I think the best way to make Regins Big is to have him Beat HHH. This ending the Authority

P.S. And stop bloody talking about your Family Roman! we get it, your cousin is The Rock ! Shut up mate!

3.Daniel Bryan

The Authority spent like a year beating the crap out of this kid. And at YEStlemania 30, DB beat the Authority. Then he got injuried, then he came back. So why hasn’t Daniel Bryan gone right back to trying to put out the Authority? I mean he did it  before. It’s like ” Oh I know you beat me up for a year and screwed me a lot but know that I’m back I’ll just stay away from you.” No! Daniel Bryan needs to be back on top and lighting should strike twice as he takes out the Authority for good. YES! 

2.Brock Lesnar

This May be a little obvious, but The Authorithy Screwed Brock at Too much sunlemania  31 and suspended him the next night. Brock is a beast and he could just mow through the Authority in like 20 minutes. I’m a little against this one because we saw HHH v Lesnar like 100times. But still Lesnar as a face this time could destroy the Authority

Honorable Mentions

Dean Ambrose- He’s Crazy

Bray Wyatt- He’s crazy 

John Cena- Obviously they made him look a little dumb, so he should get revenge.

The Rock- He made the Authority look Dumb, so they should get revenge

Vince McMahon- He wants his company back… Oh and he’s crazy

1.Triple H

I know what your saying but Triple H  runs the authority, Does he? Who suspended Brock Lesnar ? Who stripped Daniel Bryan of the WWE Title when he was injured ? who slapped the Big Show? Stephine “million dollar yoga video Princess” McMahon that’s who! I think I perfect end to the authority would be a demise from the inside. I think HHH loses a Big match to like a Roman Regins or a Ryback, then Steph questions him as a leader and a man( oh snap). Then the Authority turns on HHH, and HHH comes back with that trusty hammer and gets to swingin! 

Final Thought

MSo I hope you all enjoyed this please comment below.

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