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EditorialA Complete Report From Last Night's ​Mid-Atlantic Legends Fanfest Event 8.01.15

A Complete Report From Last Night’s ​Mid-Atlantic Legends Fanfest Event 8.01.15



Credit: PWInsider

The Mid-Atlantic Fanfest held the first of two live events this weekend at the Charlotte University Hilton on Saturday 8/1 drawing a full house of a few hundred fans.

Tommy Young came out and announced he could not ref due to his hip issues. He said there was a referee here from the UK and he wanted everyone to treat him as nice as they treat him. Everyone laughed at that.

Bobby Fulton of The Fantastics pinned Travis Steel. Fulton still came out to “Sharp Dressed Man.” Steel came down with a contingent from OVW for the weekend training camp. He’s really tall and I was told a former Division 1 athlete in football. Fulton played babyface. Steel worked him over a lot as the crowd chanted for Fulton to make the comeback. Lots of headbutts and stomping. Steel used a bear hug but Fulton fought his way out of it. Fulton unloaded with chops but missed a charge into the corner, hitting his shoulder against the ring post. Steel nailed a pump handle slam into an over the shoulder powerslam for a two count. Steel missed an elbow strike when Fulton ducked and nailed he turnbuckle. Fulton rolled him up and scored the pin.

In a women’s bout, Mary Elizabeth Monroe defeated Jessie Kaye. Kaye won the 2014 Reid Flair Scholarship here and returned to do the training camp again this year. Monroe has been training with Les Thatcher in Ohio. She was the heel and has a nice flair for it. Kaye had far more charisma in ring then she showed a year ago. Some nice mat wrestling early on. Monroe controlled her and Kaye made her comeback. She scored a two count with a high cross bodyblock. Monroe made a comeback but was caught with a slam for a two count. Monroe scored a two count with a nice Northern Lights duplex with a bridge. Hiroshi Hase would have been proud. Monroe them cinched in a Dragon Sleeper and scored the submission.

Cedric Alexander pinned Superhuman Peter Kaasa. Kaasa had a nice physique. Alexander is hometown boy so he got the the babyface pop here. Alexander worked on the arm early on. Peter did a lot of nice babyface offense early while Cedric finally got frustrated and raked his eyes. He worked over Peter and when Peter grabbed he ropes, Alexander whipped out the Bryan Danielson “I have until five” line. The crowd turned on Alexander as the match went on. Peter whipped out a scoop powerslam where he back flipped over into it. That was pretty sweet. It was so good it could have been the finish. Alexander took back over and placed Peter on the buckles for a top rope Rama it was fought of. Alexander nailed a 720 splash for a two count. He’s pretty damn agile. Alexander came back to nail his finisher and score the pin. Athletically, pretty damn good and likely the highlight of the show from an in-ring perspective.

Eric Lucker pinned an opponent who’s name I didn’t catch. They were both billed from Washington. Lucker was billed from Washington. Lucker did some power spots early. They did a power vs. finesse story. They closed out with spot where Lucker had him on his shoulders but his opponent tried to slip out? Lucker caught him, elevated him up and dropped him backwards with a German suplex for the pin.

The Down Boyz and Clutch Adams defeated Punisher Martinez & Billy Damiana & Nick Comoroto. I believe all of them were from The Monster Factory in New Jersey, which brought a contingent of students down for the training camp. Lots of good stuff here with some cool athletic moves and a nice babyface vs. heels story. Lot of guys to keep an eye on here for the future.

Scott Steiner defeated Wes Brisco. Steiner said he hates rednecks and white trash and would give one of each a chance to get in the ring with him. He told so,e fan at ringside to put his “b**** on a leash.” Steiner has a lot more tattoos now. He controlled Brisco early then left the ring to stall for time. They battled on the floor. Brisco nailed a suplex but was cut off and choked against the ropes. Steiner nailed a clothesline. Brisco went to the floor and made his way back in. Steiner continued to control him and nailed an elbow. Brisco came back with a series of clothesline so for a two count. Brisco nailed a side slam for another two count. Brisco came off the ropes but was caught and hit with a belly to belly for a two count. Brisco nailed several punches but was caught with a DDT and locked in the Steiner Recliner. Gerald Brisco came out from the crowd and had words with Steiner. B. Brian Blair joined Brisco and Steiner ran to the back.

Notes: Les Thatcher and Dr. Tom Prichard handled commentary for the DVD release….Nigel McGuinnness was the booker and ran the locker room…They return for another show tomorrow afternoon to close out the weekend. For more, visit

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