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News​Actor Matt MacCaull Discusses Working With The Big Show On WWE Studios'...

​Actor Matt MacCaull Discusses Working With The Big Show On WWE Studios’ “Vendetta” Film



In an interview with Nerd Reactor, actor Matt MacCaull (iZombie, Tomorrowland) spoke about working with The Big Show on WWE Studios’ new film Vendetta. He also appears in The Marine 4: Moving Target with The Miz and Summer Rae.

On Vendetta: “Vendetta is directed by the Soska twins, who are visionaries. They just have this great attitude of “We’re just going to keep doing what we want, how we want to do it, when we want to do it.” If someone told them they can’t work in this town anymore, they would just continue on because they are just that driven with the project they want to do and the focus that they have. So this movie is about a former police officer who has made enemies with a powerful gangster in town. To get back at this police officer, the gangster, played by The Big Show, tries to go after the family and things go badly very quickly. Vendetta itself suggest vengeance and a direct purpose to get back at the people who wronged you. So, the policeman, played by Dean Cain, decides with no holds bar attitude to go after this gangster and his family – and just destroy this gangster’s life until he could get to the gangster in prison and take him on in there. He ends up putting himself in prison through a series of unfortunate outcomes. The bulk of the story takes place in a prison.”

On working with the Big Show: “He was really cool. He was physically a really big force of nature. He was 7′ 3″ and weighs hundreds of pounds. When you meet him, he’s such a gentle guy. I think he has such a understanding of his physical presence and life. He’s even talked about it – he’s always been [played] as the mean guy and he’s really worked against it to be an educated and well verse man in literature. He’s quite a down to earth, sensitive guy, which is really great because it helps with his acting. I’ve never seen him act before until this movie and he does a fantastic job. I think it’s that sensitivity and the fact that he’s more than just a hulk of a man. He’s really able to access some really true human emotions and bring a well-rounded character to his role.”

On his role in the film: “Now that is a really great question. Even during filming, we had many discussions about how to play my character. His name is Ben Pearson and he is a former police officer who is now a corrections officer at the prison. The questions are raised if he’s trying to help Dean Cain’s character or if he’s on the side of the bad guys. If you watch the movie, I hope I played it with enough ambiguation that you won’t be able to tell if I’m a good guy or a bad guy, right up until the last scene when everything is revealed and exposed and you see what my character, Ben, has been up to. That’s what you have to watch the movie for. “

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