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Editorial​Backstage News - Major Heat On Sheamus?, Details Inside Here

​Backstage News – Major Heat On Sheamus?, Details Inside Here



According to sources, the recently returning WWE Superstar Sheamus could be in the doghouse. Per a source, Sheamus received some criticism and heat backstage for working recklessly in his match against Daniel Bryan at this week’s TV tapings.

During the course of the match, Bryan was busted open and needed seven stitches to close the cut. As seen on SmackDown, there was a little blood visible during the match. The match was also heavily edited due to the blood.

Fortunately for Sheamus, he’s well liked among management and has been known to train with Triple H.

Also on this week’s SmackDown, it was revealed by the announce team that Dolph Ziggler was pulled from the main event because he was unable to complete after the attack by Sheamus last Monday. It has not yet been confirmed if Ziggler is out with a legitimate injury or if his absence was part of the show to push an injury angle as a result of Sheamus’ attack.

If the Dolph injury is legitimate, it means that Sheramus injured both Ziggler (on RAW) and Daniel Bryan (on SmackDown), thus the backstage heat.

In other Sheamus news, a video of his entrance with his new theme music from this week’s SmackDown is also now online. The video is available in the player below and also features Sheamus cutting a heel promo.

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