Thursday, June 13, 2024
EditorialBackstage Update On TNA Having Issues Paying To Their Talent

Backstage Update On TNA Having Issues Paying To Their Talent



As Ryan Clark reported earlier on the site, Despite settling in on a new channel with Destination America, TNA’s internal issues are far from over. According to reports, TNA Wrestling is currently dealing with some behind the scenes issues with the talent roster. The trouble is that TNA is allegedly behind on paying its wrestlers. According to the reports, many talents have anonymously reached out to several internet sites and claimed that TNA is behind on their payments.

Update: Dave Meltzer posted the following on the Wrestling Observer forum: 

“Story is not inaccurate but I got calls from a few people on Friday and one yesterday who said they got their pay. But they were checks scheduled to be mailed on the 1st that arrived several days late. So in those cases it was a few days late, not several pay periods. However, I do know of at least one wrestler who was very late for March pay.”

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