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EditorialBound For Glory Preview and Predictions

Bound For Glory Preview and Predictions



The time has come. There is but one day left before Impact Wrestling’s biggest PPV of the year, Bound For Glory. The entire build for this event has been very random and seemed unorganized resulting from every episode being taped back in the 2nd week of August. The last two weeks have particularly suffered because the episodes were showing full matches from other promotions that showcased Impact Wrestling talent. It’s good to see the cross-promotion happening and getting full matches instead of just reality tv-like highlights. The problem is, it does very little to concentrate on their own product, specifically during the build for a major PPV. But, what’s done is done and the time has come for this year’s Bound For Glory Preview and Predictions.


The new broke earlier today that Taya would be unable to make the PPV and subsequent tapings due to personal reasons. This is very unfortunate because this was one of the top matches on the card. The rivalry with Rosemary and Taya has been fierce since Taya made her debut several weeks ago. On Twitter, Taya has vowed to pick things up in January. But that leaves Rosemary without a match. They have two options here. First, they can add Rosemary to the Knockouts Title Match and bring it back to a Fatal Fourway. That’s the most likely scenario. Another scenario and one I would prefer to see, is Rosemary and Laurel Van Ness. If Taya is out for the rest of the year, they can spend this final set of tapings for the year in a feud. Ultimately, the loss of Taya here is a tough one and takes one of the more intriguing matches off the card.


We already saw this match on this past week’s episode of Impact. There was a six way non-title match with these same competitors. So the fact that this isn’t an Ultimate X Match or a Ladder Match makes me shake my head in confusion. Desmond Xavier got the win in the non-title match on Thursday, gaining the pin on the champ, Trevor Lee. Sonjay Dutt, Petey Williams, Matt Sydal and Garza Jr round out the rest of the competitors for this match. I like Xavier. He’s a great talent. I don’t think this is his time. Sonjay got his win in India, so I don’t see him winning here. They seem to be putting a lot of emphasis on Garza Jr lately. He sort of randomly made it into this match after being slightly in the World Title picture. They like him and this is a really good possibility for him. I personally think either Sydal or Petey Williams picks up the win here and I’m going to go with the hometown man.

Winner & New Champ: Petey Williams


Recently, Taryn Terrell announced her departure from Impact Wrestling and she would not be at Bound For Glory. She’s sort of a Low Ki type of head case where she can’t sit still for too long. Either way, there’s a chance this becomes a fatal fourway again if Impact adds Rosemary to the match. She’s pretty involved with the three competitors here so it won’t come off as random. In the end, I think the one of the Canadians walks away with the title here. And since it’s Gail’s swan song, I’m going to go with Allie, even if Rosemary is added.

Winner & New Champ: Allie


Over the last month and a half, ever since the EC3 vs Fantasma match for the Grand Championship, there has been a very heated rivalry between Impact Wrestling and AAA. It was a rivalry that brought James Storm and EC3 together as a team as well as Eddie Edwards. There have been matches in the Impact Zone as well as down in Mexico. Throughout the feud, Texano Jr and Fantasma have been fighting among themselves as well. Pagano is the third member of AAA. I expect this match to be all over the place and it will probably end in some sort of controversy. Here is where I’m predicting the first real surprise of the night. Either Alberto returns possibly to kick off a feud with EC3 or Jack Swagger debuts maybe to help team Impact after one or two new AAA guys interfere. I’m going to go with the first option here.

Winner: AAA w/ the Assistance of Alberto El Patron.


Well, as predictable as it was, we actually got Grado vs Abyss at Bound For Glory. The surprising thing is, it was build nicely and is a match I’m actually looking forward to. Now obviously this match won’t be that great. It’ll be like every other Monster’s Ball match I’ve ever seen. There will be thumbtacks, barbed wire boards, and of course, Janice which Abyss will surely try to hit Grado in the corner with, and miss and it will get stuck on the turnbuckle. Surprise number two comes in this match. It’s what I want to happen and based on things little things I’ve picked up on recently, I’m making it official. I’m predicting Crazzy Steve returns and there is a reunion of Decay. Grado takes a beating and the loss.

Winner: Abyss


This feud the best built feud leading into Bound For Glory. It when American Top Team was showing up at the Impact Zone and sitting ringside. They started attacking refs and stuff. Then Moose and Lashley had an encounter at Triplemania in Mexico. It carried over back to the Impact Zone and Moose going to the ATT training facility to confront Lashley. He brought in Stephan Bonnar to help after being the recipient of many beatdowns. Then two weeks ago, Dan Lambert cut a promo that was the best ripping of the fans I’ve heard since Jerry Lawler before his match with the Ultimate Warrior. It’s a shame Lambert himself isn’t in this match as he has single handedly carried this feud with his mic work. Six sides of steel. It’s going to be vicious and violent. American Top Team picks up the win here because Lambert has to get involved somehow.

Winners: Lashley and King Mo


This is a 5150 Street Fight. Gang warfare. I’m going to make a two predictions on this match because there’s a lot going on here. First prediction is, part of this match will be done in the style of Delete or Decay where part of it is pre-taped with the cinematics and the music. Now if you’ve been following this rivalry, you’ll know that there’s a mystery guy that’s gonna help OVE. He was partially shown on a video two weeks ago. Here is where Sami Callihan will debut with Impact. I know nothing about him. What I do know is the guy in the video is someone I don’t recognize so I’m gonna run with it. There should be no shortage of action and violence in this one. I do think the champs retain.

Winners: OVE


Eli Drake has been a great champ since he won the gauntlet the week after Destination X back in August. He’s been the top heel in the company, surpassing EC3. He’s definitely one of the top mic workers in the business and in my opinion, he tops the list. Johnny Impact broke on to the scene and, as usual, was thrust right into the top spot. If you watched these episodes in August, we definitely got our fill of Johnny Impact as he’s pretty much main evented every episode except one, which was main evented by his girlfriend Taya. I don’t want to see it happen but I have to stay true and make an honest prediction, not a prediction based on what I want to happen. Another title changes hands here, making it three out of the four titles that are up for grabs, change hands at the PPV. The question is, does Alberto El Patron get involved in the AAA vs Impact match like I predicted? Or does he appear at the end of this to get himself back into the title scene against Johnny? Either way, Johnny Mundo Nitro gets the win.

Winner & New Champion: Johnny Impact

So there you have it. It should be a fun show even though I probably won’t like some of the results here. I’m very curious as to the set up for the Aberdeen Pavilion for this event. There is limited space and they have to set up a stage, the ring, concession area, and proper seating. They’ll also have to do a backstage area unless they plan on setting up something outside with trailers and stuff. Either way, tomorrow’s the day. It’s finally come. It is Impact Wrestling’s BOUND FOR GLORY!

Thanks for reading everyone. Let me know what you think of my predictions and share some of your own. Be safe.

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