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EditorialBrock Lesnar is Back: The Beast of Battleground is Coming

Brock Lesnar is Back: The Beast of Battleground is Coming



Ratings are at an all-time low and WWE needed to alter their course and do something to bring back viewership. What better way to up the stats than to bring back the beast. We all remember the way he was destructively thrown off the show some time ago. The only thing that would have made the scene better would have been an F5 to Stephanie McMahon herself. Now that would have been best for business.

Giving the belt to Seth Rollins wasn’t a bad thing and given the scenario in which it was won it made it that more exciting. My problem is the way they have mishandled the champ. Rollins has a ton of ability and too much of it is being wasted jobbing out with J&J Security and giving away Hawaii vacations (That RAW segment, by the way was awful). I think he is hands down a top 3 talent on the roster today, but his direction is flawed. Not too long ago did I write that he could very well be the best thing the WWE has seen since HBK. I am still sticking to that statement, but I am losing confidence week by week.

I look at the impact Kevin Owens is having right now on the main roster. Sure, he is trading blows with John Cena, but he has given the fans something to look forward to because of his character. He has put on unbelievable matches over the past month and has clearly captivated the audience with the mic. We are talking about 2 independent talents that have worked their way up to the main roster. However, the one who is World Champ is less entertaining than the one who isn’t.

This all brings us to the forefront of what is going to happen with the belt come Battleground. Will Seth get the help of the Authority to beat out the beast or will the Authority turn on Seth and put their stock in Lesnar? I think it could be the latter. If we look at the scenario of Triple H possibly going head on with Rollins in the future, why not have a Corporate Beast instead of a Corporate Cry Baby. Obviously, this scenario could happen at Summer Slam, but I really think it’s a direction we will see soon.

There is logic in keeping the belt on Rollins. It would keep his momentum going and could possibly reopen the door for him to feud with Dean Ambrose for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship again in the future. We all know how high the company is on Ambrose and together they could put on the kind of matches that take over PPV’s. But the smart money here could well be on Brock Lesnar. Lesnar offers that WOW factor that is constantly missing, even though he isn’t at every show.

In an outside the box thought, what if they have Rollins win and setup a feud between Kane and Lesnar? Now before I get beat up for this, I want to set the record straight that I am not on-board with this. You guys know I am very critical of Kane and think his time has been done for at least 2 years. However, they do make it a point to mention the Devil’s Favorite Demon and show his mask on several occasions. I also have noticed that Kane has been bulking up as of late. Does the beast bring out the monster? Is that a feud that could bridge us to SummerSlam and keep Rollins champ for a little longer? I think it could be a major possibility as you never know what could happen within the WWE. The creative team has got it wrong many times already, let’s just hope this time they get it right! Thoughts?

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