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EditorialCM Punk Time Slot Returns?

CM Punk Time Slot Returns?



MITB- A Last minute withdraw from the match would leave a nice empty slot for the biggest return in the last through years, it could be left a mystery from everyone and on the last entrant of the match his music hits he comes out has a brilliant showing and wins his 3rd MITB ladder match.

Chicago Illinois- The home town reception he would receive would be massive the crowd would be on fire and in my opinion theirs nothing like home sweet home.

Main Event Of Summer Slam- Just like last years Summer Slam we could see Daniel Bryan choose a guest opponent and what a big shock it would be if he choose the unnamed one, this would make the Authority go mad and also would bring relevance back to the Straight Edge superstar.

Royal Rumble 2015- After one year absence from the WWE wouldn’t it be amazing for the number 30 buzzer to go and CM Punk comes out eliminates all the big names left in the in the ring and wins the historical match and goes on to headline Wrestlemania?

Wrestlemania 31- The main event of the evening is coming to an end then out of no where his music hits he comes down the ramp cost the champion at the time the match and starts up the biggest feud of the year.

No Return- if their was no return from CM Punk wouldn’t it go down in history as one of the coldest leaves of all time? His already made a legacy which is as iconic as most HOF’s so wouldn’t have to worry about not going down in history.

What do you think? Leave ideas, suggestions and opinions.

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