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EditorialDon't Try These Promotional Tactics At Home! Vol #10 (Final)

Don’t Try These Promotional Tactics At Home! Vol #10 (Final)



Shawn Michaels Faints In The Ring – WWF (1995)

Owen Hart and Shawn Michaels fought in a pretty good singles match on Raw … only problem was the ending. Fast forward to 10:50 for a bad ending to a decent encounter.

The Montreal Screwjob – WWF (1997)

If you don’t know what this is you must be living under a rock … no explanation necessary.

Mitchell’s Hand Injury – ECW (2000)

Didn’t know about this til yesterday. James Mitchell AKA Sinister Minister explains an incident where he blew off his hand. A must-see interview as it’s gruesome, yet absolutely hilarious (the way he tells it) at the same time. ECW got some criticism for airing footage of the paramedics attending to him.

“Kiss My Ass Club” – WWF (2001)

Disgusting. I always hated this shit. It was so nasty it made me reconsider why I watched wrestling. Can you watch these videos? Or are you going to skip over them? I wouldn’t blame you for passing on this one. At least The Rock got him good in the end!

Vince McMahon “Dies” – WWE (2007)

The angle was scrapped due to the Benoit Family Tragedy. You can see Brian Kendrick smirking and Paul London grinning (which got him fired for real) as Vince walks past the talent.

Vickie Guerrero Being Called A Pig – WWE (2009)

For a long time WWE commentators berated the appearance of Vickie Guerrero .. labeling her “fat” and putting her in matches like the ‘Hog Pen’. While stating his want for a divorce, Edge called her a “she-beast”. The insults continued for months til fans pointed out the hypocrisy during the Be A Star campaign. The commentators were told to stop insulting Vickie’s weight.

Apparently it all started because Vickie wanted to leave WWE to be with her teenage daughters which Vince interpreted as betrayal. Vickie didn’t care to let the comments get to her, she saw it as part of the character and didn’t rise to it. I find it funny how it was also the year of “Piggy James”.

In the first video skip forward to 55:17 for Lawler’s (right in the middle of a Tag Team title match while Booker T carries play-by-play) comments on the holes in her dress. Cole replied saying it certainly is a “beautiful dress”.

The Worst Main Event In TNA History – TNA (2011)

It’s shit like this which gave the company a bad rep in recent times. Apparently Jeff Hardy had been fine through the day, but shortly before the main event of Victory Road he was found to be in no fit condition to wrestle. Jeff later admitted he had abused drugs/alcohol and hit rock bottom. After sending Jeff out there, management decided to call an audible. Eric Bischoff let Sting and the referee know to end the match quickly.

The disappointment on Sting’s face mirrored mine. When I saw it live I wasn’t paying much attention to Jeff, so when Sting dropped him and pinned him I was like … “WTF just happened there!”.

It will forever be one of the worst main events in the history of wrestling. It will never be forgotten … when really it should’ve never happened in the first place. Jeff learned from the incident and cleaned himself up before returning to the promotion where he remains to this day. After watching it again … Jeff’s intoxication is very clear.

Treatment Of Jesse Sorensen – TNA (2013)

Jesse Sorensen picked up a serious neck and spinal injury during a match with Zema Ion. TNA gave Jesse an office job so he would continue to make money while he recovered. Dixie Carter personally promised his family that the company would always look after Jesse (job for life) and make sure he’s OK after the incident. There were several video packages of Jesse suffering from the injury and being helped by his mother. He was scheduled to return one year later, but TNA chose not to bring him back right away.

Seemingly out of nowhere, the company fired Jesse. After over a year of fans asking when he would return to action, Dixie Carter went against her own promise and received a ton of backlash. What made it worse was the company refused to pay for his medical bills, so he had to rely on his mother’s medical insurance which left her bankrupt in the end.

Luckily he was able to make some money back in the Independent Scene before being signed to NXT as an enhancement talent where he remains and makes sporadic appearances. In the video, while Zema Ion looks like he didn’t care for Jesse, in reality he was shaken up about it and still feels guilty for being so reckless.

Dixie Carter Tweets A Storm Is Coming To Japan During A Typhoon – TNA (2014)

Dixie Carter is known for going on social media and interacting with fans. Granted, most of them are WWE fanboys looking to make TNA fans cry, but still … this one tweet was a little too close to home. Japan was certainly not looking forward to the typhoon known as Vongfong, scheduled to hit the mainland the day after TNA Bound For Glory 2014; a PPV taped in Tokyo.

Dixie acknowledged the natural disaster in a tweet which seemed pretty innocent. But then she went one step further and put a James Storm face in there …

… and as you can imagine, she got a ton of negativity from fans. I think she was trying to be funny. I think she was trying to be cool by posting a “meme”. It failed horribly and the tweet was deleted shortly after, and luckily we have the internet so I was able to dig it up a couple of years later.

On the same day she also made a post about a 1994 AAA event (to highlight some of the Japanese stars working BFG) and said “Maybe at #BoundForGlory we will find the next Eddie Guerrero …” with a link to an article. Again she got criticism for using Eddie when he had nothing to do with the company and the tweet was deleted. She apologized for the James Storm meme, but not for the Eddie plug. There’s a lesson to be learned here … Dixie + Social Media = Do Not Mix.

And that’s all from me … this is the end. Glad to have finished another series. I got two more articles to write this month so you ain’t seen the last of me. See you again soon, and thanks for reading!

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