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Editorial​Drew Galloway Says He Couldn't Process The "Chosen One" Gimmick, Talks Working...

​Drew Galloway Says He Couldn’t Process The “Chosen One” Gimmick, Talks Working In 3MB, & More



In an interview with Cult of Whatever, Drew Galloway spoke about his time in 3MB during his WWE years. Here are highlights:

On Vince endorsing him as ‘The chosen one’: “I couldn’t process it, I didn’t know it was going to happen, I got told Vince was going to go out before me when I was in the gorilla position to do a promo and I watched from behind the curtain thinking what the heck is going on. Something like that had never happened before and is never going to happen again. When people look back in history and see him endorse me it was just unbelievable. When the guy who has created the modern day wrestling scene endorses you like that, it is amazing. No matter what happened following that in WWE, but what has happened since leaving WWE and the reputation I’ve built on my own back and now being in TNA, hopefully I’m showing the world what Vince saw in me is still there and it was just lying dormant. I’m making sure it comes out now and I’m not going to be happy until I’m the best wrestler in the entire world.”

On 3MB: “Vince had an idea and it was his call to not pick the obvious guys to be in the stable, all three of us at the time were quite serious character on screen. Vince told us what his plan was and he had a clear vision of what he wanted to do, and at the beginning we put the effort in with all the music stuff but someone didn’t inform him that I required surgery on my wrist two weeks later. Whatever idea he had for me backing up Heath’s big mouth and being the hero of the group just went down the toilet. Due to my wrist I couldn’t touch anyone or be touched for six months and The Shield were there the following month after I lost my grip and that backed us up into a corner and we ended up being in the role we were in.”

On the Rising’s feud with the Beat Down Clan: “Our rivalry with the BDC is real, it’s unscripted when we go at each other in the ring and on the microphone. We are all looking to top each other and if I can’t top them and they can’t top me that’s down to the other person. The more real it is the more the fans buy into it, it’s a sophisticated audience now.”

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