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Editorial​Early Details For Next Year's WrestleCon Event - Details Inside Here

​Early Details For Next Year’s WrestleCon Event – Details Inside Here



WrestleCon has sent out a press release, thanking fans for this year’s event and providing some details on next year.

We would like to thank the San Jose Garden Airport Hotel and their staff for their hospitality. We were VERY close to not having a WrestleCon this year after being blocked by all city owned buildings and most major hotels under a non-compete agreement with the WWE. The San Jose Garden Airport was not under such a non compete agreement and were willing to host the event. While we recognize the challenges the building layout presented, we thankfully were blessed with great weather and were able to run the event as intended. Thank you to everybody who attended our event in San Jose. I know alot of people chose to stay away this year because of the lack of organization in New Orleans, and you certainly had every right to do so based on what happened. However, I think those that attended this year can vouch the entry process into the event was quick/efficient due to our use of EventBrite software and we vastly improved our “line control” measures. We would love to get feedback from those that attended the event this year. Please send all comments, good and bad, to use at [email protected].

Now the answer to the question everybody has been writing to us the last several days: Yes, we will be in Dallas, TX next year! Our event will be in Downtown Dallas, extremely close to all of the major events being held in that area. We will have a group room rate at two hotels in the downtown area that are ones we have personally vetted as being in a great location and a great value relative to the quality of the hotel.

There will be one “upscale” hotel where the WrestleCon event will be held and a more “economically priced” hotel that is also in a great location.

Once again, we’ll have a two day autograph/expo, on Friday and Saturday, from 9am-5pm. The Sunday “Mania Moments” brunch will also be returning to close out our convention.

They say everything is bigger in Texas, and WrestleCon will be certainly be bigger as well! More live shows, more vendors, more live entertainment, and this time everything under ONE roof! Stay tuned for details of our event to be unveiled on or before Friday, May 1st!

Please continue to follow us on Twitter @Wrestlecon for all updates.

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