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EditorialElias And Ezekiel: The True Meaning of Brotherly Love

Elias And Ezekiel: The True Meaning of Brotherly Love



I said it before and I’ll say it again, but this time I can say it with the backing of undeniable video evidence. Ezekiel and Elias are most definitely not the same person. After the two brothers made an appearance together on RAW this week, there is just no denying it.

Okay, okay, you got me. I don’t really believe that Ezekiel and Elias are two different people. You have to admit that it is a pretty funny storyline, and it is way more entertaining than anything else that WWE has going on currently. It may not come close to the legendary Undertaker and Kane storylines where we were led to believe that they were biological brothers, but this storyline has the potential to keep going on for a while with many different angles and possibilities.

But what if I really did believe that Ezekiel is the younger brother of Elias? There’s plenty of proof out there to support that theory, right?

Exhibit A

Elias and Ezekiel were sitting on the same couch together at the same exact time on 6/20/2022 at the Pinnacle Bank Arena in Lincoln, Nebraska during a live episode of Monday Night RAW. How can you say that these two men are the same person when they’re literally right next to each other at the same location interacting with one another on live television? You can’t, you just can’t.

I know for a fact that everyone backstage saw the two brothers together. I’m sure Elias made the rounds and said hello to some of his old friends before the show. Vince McMahon was there, so Elias must have visited the boss in his office to say hello, right? The camera crew saw Elias and Ezekiel together when they were shooting their segment live. Arena security surely checked them into the building separately when they arrived. Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, the evidence of Exhibit A just simply does not lie.

Exhibit B

Ezekiel confronted Kevin Owens backstage just moments after KO had a guitar smashed across his back by Elias. If they were the same person, then how would he have been out in the ring in front of the live audience and backstage at the same time? That is just not physically possible.

Ezekiel doesn’t even know how to play the guitar. So, the fact that Elias was out in the ring playing guitar in front of a live audience just further proves that Ezekiel is not Elias. If Ezekiel was Elias then there’s just no way he could have played a concert in front of an arena full of fans, because Ezekiel wouldn’t be able to because he is not a musician. Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, the evidence of Exhibit B is right in front of you.

Exhibit C

Elias was in the ring with Kevin Owens at the same time that Ezekiel showed up on the titan tron and spoke to Kevin Owens live. The live audience saw it, the TV audience saw it, and the entire internet saw it, so how much more proof do you need?

How would Ezekiel be able to be standing right by the ramp backstage talking into the camera, and in the ring with Kevin Owens at the same time? It’s just not realistically possible. Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, the evidence of Exhibit C is clear. Case closed.

We’re Blood Brothers

But for real, how many of us believed that Kane and Undertaker were really brothers back in the old days? We didn’t have the internet in our pockets in 1997, so I guarantee you that at least %63 of the fans were on the fence on whether to believe it or not. Hell, I still want to believe that Undertaker and Kane are brothers to this day.

The story of Ezekiel and Elias being brothers is believable because it is a heartwarming story. Everyone likes a story that they can relate to. I wish Elias and Ezekiel were my brothers.

I have two brothers who are much older than me. I’ve always felt like I was the “accident of the family” because, well, I know I was. I love seeing the beautiful sibling relationship that Ezekiel and Elias share. You can just tell by watching them together that they have a special bond. I hope they become tag team champions together and make their parents proud someday. Who knows, maybe this will happen at Summerslam.

I have never had a close relationship with my brothers, in fact, I’ve had quite the opposite. I’ve never sat on the couch and watched wrestling with my brothers like Ezekiel and Elias. Seeing Ezekiel and Elias say “I love you” to each other just reminds me that my brothers have never once uttered those words to me. I am jealous of Ezekiel and Elias. Maybe it’s not too late for me to forge a bond with my brothers that is as strong as the bond that Elias and Ezekiel have.

To Be Continued

I wonder what it was like growing up with a brother and sharing the same dream of becoming a professional wrestler? Do you think Ezekiel and Elias rode bikes together? Did they go fishing during the summer when school was out? I wonder if they played basketball in the driveway together. Did a young Elias and Ezekiel sleep in bunk beds and stay up late to wait for Santa on Christmas eve?

I feel like I need answers to all of these questions, and I feel like you, the Zeke freaks, and Elias fans deserve the answers as well. So, I’m going to try and get an interview with the two brothers and see if I can dig further into their childhood. Kevin Owens isn’t going to let this go anytime soon, so I can safely say that this editorial will be continued. Zeke freaks, let us walk with Elias.

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