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Editorial​James Storm Discusses What He Knew About TNA's World Title Series, His...

​James Storm Discusses What He Knew About TNA’s World Title Series, His NXT Debut, Beer, More



James Storm recently appeared on Taz’s Taz Show: Bodyslams & Beyond radio show. Here are the highlights…

On His NXT Debut: “It was cool because, sitting there at the go position, I didn’t know how exactly the crowd would take to me. It was very cool because, I think, when I came out, people at first, really didn’t believe it was me until, of course, I got all the way out there and the lights hit me. They just went crazy and that was such a good feeling and, just for a second, I kind of just smirked for a bit. I was like, ‘alright, this is fun again’.” Storm continued, “and, all the guys in the back were so respectful. I mean, [Triple H] has done a tremendous job with those guys down there.”

On Not Bringing a Beer to the Ring: “With respect to Austin, it’s one of those things, I’m old school, and until he says, ‘hey, go ahead, man,’ I won’t.” Storm added, “Austin told me a while back, ‘you don’t have to bring the beer out [to the ring] because people already know that you’re a beer drinker’.”

On WWE Not Mentioning His TNA Career: “It’s hard for them not to mention it and I know exactly why they didn’t, but at the same time, I don’t think they really had to because people knew it anyways.”

On His Knowledge of The TNA World Title Series: “TNA would just film [matches] so far in advance and that was done back in July. Yeah, back in the early part of July. And, to be honest, I already said this on social media, I actually wasn’t told that it was going to be a World Series title match. You know, World Series or whatever. I was told it was going to be used overseas, international stuff. That is exactly what I was told, but you know as well as I do that once they have it on film, they can do basically whatever they want to do with it. Yeah, and I understand. And I don’t think they knew exactly what they were going to be doing either, so they’re like, ‘hey, lets do this and we can make something out of it if we need to’.”

On His TNA Departure: “I went to Dixie [Carter] and I talked to her and I was just kind of burnt out there, and, to her credit, I mean, she granted me my release and she understood and everything. And I didn’t know about WWE at the time.” Storm added, “my uncle actually had a massive stroke and I was going to go back and I was going to help run his business because he has a huge construction business in Tennessee, so that’s what I was doing. And then probably a month, a month and a half, afterwards, I get a phone call just saying there’s interest [from WWE] and whatever and how do I feel about it.”

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