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Editorial​Jim Ross Blogs On RAW - Neville's Debut, Lesnar, Titles & More

​Jim Ross Blogs On RAW – Neville’s Debut, Lesnar, Titles & More



Jim Ross posted a new blog entry online. 

Check out the highlights:
On Monday’s RAW: “RAW was a true wild west show from what I saw via watching it via DVR late Monday night. Honestly, watching via DVR is a cool way to navigate through the three hour show to avoid the endless commercials that run multiple times within the show. Advertisers who run the same spot over and over aren’t doing themselves any favors in my opinion.” 

On Brock Lesnar: “The star of the show and the hottest commodity in WWE right now was Brock Lesnar who made an IMPACT for the ages. Monday night was one night that I was pleased to not be the “Voice of Monday Night RAW” any longer. I’ve taken enough ass whippings on TV to last a life time and having Brock get physical with yours truly isn’t on my bucket list.” 

On WWE doing a good job with their titles: “I think tht WWE has done a stellar job in the placement of their titles including Rollins/WWE Champ, Cena/US Champ, and Daniel Bryan/IC Champ, Potential new matches abound and I only hope that these titles don’t become a hot potato and begin changing hands where one needs a program to remember who the title holders are. All three of the current champions can in their own unique way build equity in their respect championships. That is good booking.” 

On Neville’s RAW debut: “Neville lost his first name from Friday night at the NXT show I attended to Monday’s RAW but mke no mistake that the British lad is special. Great young man who is respectful and a true pro who has more than paid his dues and, yes, he reminds me of Tommy Billington aka the Dynamite Kid.”

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