Tuesday, April 16, 2024
Editorial​Jim Ross Blogs On The Von Erichs' WWE NXT Tryout, The Steiner/Hogan...

​Jim Ross Blogs On The Von Erichs’ WWE NXT Tryout, The Steiner/Hogan Drama, Lucha Underground



Jim Ross has posted his latest blog online. Check out the highlights:

On the Von Erichs getting an NXT tryout: “For those asking, yes I made the proper inquires to WWE officials about the two sons of Kevin Von Erich getting a tryout with NXT. Nonetheless it was WWE’s call to make it happen. I hope that it goes well but there is no guarantees inside the walls of NXT in Orlando.”

On working with Lucha Underground: “I had a chance to do some work with Lucha Underground as they prepare for their season finale taping in a little over a week that will air in August but we couldn’t make the date work. I’m a fan of their product, except the intergender stuff which doesn’t suspend my disbelief, and would have enjoyed doing a project with them but it wasn’t in the cards this time around. I wish them the best of luck nonetheless during these apparent, crunch times for their brand. I am still of the belief that their back stage content is the best in he genre.”

On the Scott Steiner and Hulk Hogan drama: “Do you really think that Scott Steiner threatened to ‘kill’ Hulk Hogan while standing in the San Jose Airport? Really? I call misunderstanding on that one. Money says not one charge will be filled much less stick.”

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