Friday, June 21, 2024
Editorial​Jim Ross Posts A New Blog On King Barrett, Lana, The John...

​Jim Ross Posts A New Blog On King Barrett, Lana, The John Cena vs. Cesaro RAW Match, & More



Jim Ross posted his latest blog today, looking at last night’s Raw. Check out the highlights:

On John Cena vs. Cesaro: “Loved the Cena vs. Cesaro match but wasn’t overwhelmed with how it ended. Nonetheless the match itself was excellent and showed that Cesaro is one of he best talents in the entire business and is certainly an untapped talent within the WWE, IMO. The United States Title Open Challenge by Cena is one of the best things that WWE has done creatively in a good while. I’ve enjoyed it every week.”

On Lana: “Thought Ziggler looked uncomfortable and it seemed the audience did not know quite how to react when Lana said that she and Dolph were more than friends. Lana has a great look and displays the ‘it’ factor sporadically which may mean that she’s destined for more WWE Films in the future unless she also learns to handle herself in the ring.”

On King Barrett: “Waiting for the “King” Barrett persona to click. The question is, will it? I do like his potential bit O wish that he wold cheat more.”

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