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Editorial​Kurt Angle Discusses Sting, Dudleyz, Samoa Joe & James Storm Signing With...

​Kurt Angle Discusses Sting, Dudleyz, Samoa Joe & James Storm Signing With WWE, Daniel Bryan, More



Kurt Angle spoke with Cult Of Whatever promoting his upcoming Q&A shows in the U.K. Check out some highlights:

On Sting, The Dudleyz, Samoa Joe and James Storm signing with WWE: “Yeah obviously Sting and the Dudley Boyz are established guys and I’m not surprised to see them doing well on the main roster and in the frame for titles. I’m so happy Sting got the chance to go to WWE before ending his career and getting to have his WrestleMania moment and wrestling someone like Seth Rollins for the WWE Title. The other two guys, Samoa Joe and James Storm they are both really great guys and I’ve seen some of Joe’s matches in NXT and he fits in really well. I wouldn’t be surprised if they both got called up to the main roster.”

On who he’d like to wrestle in his last match: “Oh gosh, if I had to pick one guy to wrestle to end my career with it would be Daniel Bryan. I think Daniel is an amazing wrestler and I know him and I would be able to have an incredible match similar to what Shawn Michaels and I did at WrestleMania 21. He is an extraordinary talent especially in the ring, they don’t get much better than him – he is the one I would like to get my hands on somewhere, sometime I would love that match.”

On visiting some new places for the tour: “Yeah it will be great to visit parts of the country that I’ve never been to before. I’m always excited about coming to the UK and I told my wife yesterday that I’ve been to 79 different countries but I’ve been to a lot of the same places and it’s always been the same cities that I’ve gone to. I’ve been to Japan numerous times but I’ve only ever been to Tokyo. On this tour I’m really looking forward to visiting places I’ve never been to before like Cardiff and Edinburgh.”

On taking his break once his TNA run is over: “After the tour in January I’m going to take a break from wrestling and I’m not sure what I’ll do after that, I’m leaving the door open. That will be my final tour and what a fitting way to end my time in TNA is to go to the UK and to be able to perform and wrestle in front of those great fans in Manchester, London and Birmingham. I’ve talked to TNA and they’ve offered me something and asked me to think about it which I will do but I’m really looking forward to spending some quality time with my family and then see where it goes from there.”

On Bryan’s injury issues: “Daniel Bryan has his style of wrestling and he’s his own worst enemy. When he goes out to the ring he puts everything on the line especially his body. When you’re a wrestler you are not meant to be harming yourself but Daniel Bryan seems to be doing harm to himself whether he’s doing an offensive move or if someone is doing a move on him. Daniel is always bumping, his high running knee he takes a bump, when his flying through the ropes he’s taking a bump but that’s his style and he’s not going to change the way he wrestles, he’s going to wrestle like that until the day he retires. I just hope he gets another chance to get back in the ring and finish his career the way he wants to before he retires.”

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