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Looking to the future

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The king of kings will one day rule and the day doesn’t seem to far away. The onscreen leader of the WWE, Triple H is responsible for the majority of the work done on NXT. It is the owner of the WWE Vince McMahon who is still largely responsible for what goes on on the main shows, Smackdown and Raw. From what I have heard he still has the final day on everything that we see. And most of what we’ve been seeing fair to say is below the lofty standards that the WWE once set.

What we’ve been seeing from the main shows over the last few years hasn’t reached the heights that it once did. The era of Vince McMahon is something I see coming to an end and although I can’t see an immediate change coming, the evolution of the WWE under new control is already taking shape. I’m quite sure it will be the onscreen authority Triple H and Stephanie McMahon that will soon run the WWE on and off screen. To me this basically means the Game will rule.
Triple H has a wealth of knowledge and experience and he’s been performing at the highest level for years. Now, he appears to have a large role in talent recruitment and it’s very clear that his expert knowledge is really helping out. The new talent is now being displayed in WWE NXT which has replaced FCW and is used to nurture talent and introduce the to the ways of WWE.
From NXT WE’ve seen many superstars graduate on to the main roster. Under its previous format, we’ve seen the WWE World Heavyweight champion Daniel Bryan emerge, we’ve seen the IC champion Bad News Barrett graduate as the first winner of NXT. With him, he brought us Nexus. Originally this group included the high flying Justin Gabriel who is still signed up to the main roster although it’s fair to say he is now less relevant that he was in his time in Nexus and the Corre. His tag team partner was Heath Slater now a member of 3MB. He to has become basically irrelevant but still gets his fair share of television time even if it is wasted by him getting beaten by a midget bull. We also seen Skip Sheffield now known as Ryback arrive on the main roster. Although he’s still yet to hold a championship, we,ve seen him headline some away Per Views mainly in late 2012. Darren Young who is good in ring and even earned the nick name ‘Mr No Days Off’ came up through NXT and so did David ‘A list’ Otunga. Not many of these guys have came through as top players but the fact that two of them are now holders of relevant championships shows the early success of the original NXT.
Season 2 on the other hand wasn’t so successful. We seen Curtis Axel emerge as Michael McGillycutty and Husky Harris also broke through. He is know the leader of the famed Wyatt family after being rebranded as Bray Wyatt and going back down to NXT before coming up to the main roster. Winner Kaval I think his name was, was pure tripe and got nowhere. This may not necessarily have been his fault but I didn’t like him.
The rebirth of NXT is what really excites me about the future (I just thought the original format deserved an honourable mention due to the fact it gave us Bryan and Barrett). The new format is utter genius and has that old school feeling to it. I’ve seen the fans described as a ‘cult following’ and I would have to agree. I think the atmosphere there must be amazing. The fact it’s in the same place all the time really helps as the fans are more into the story lines.
This new format gave us the ‘hounds of justice’ The Shield and I am a huge fan. They are the reason why I tuned back into wrestling. I stopped watching after finally having enough of watching the same recycled garbage. It wasn’t until I turned back in and seen Roman Reigns destroy at the Royal Rumble (which was the first time I’d watched for around 14 months just before the Shield emerged) that I knew straight away I’d been missing out. They are sheer excellence. After watching them complete a clean sweep against Evolution at Payback last night that it was made crystal clear to me that these guys are three world champions in the making. I’d hate to see the Shield split but it’s going to happen and when it finally does happen I hope it’s for a triple threat match at Wrestlemania for the WWE world heavyweight championship.
We’ve also Fandago come through (he did win season 4 when the original format was still rolling under the much better name of Johnny Curtis) and although he’s not a main event star I think he has massive potential he just needs to drop the crappy dance gimmick and be given something to work with. This man beat Chris Jericho at Wrestlemania on his debut and since then he’s lost to Santino and Emma in a mixed gender tag. I don’t understand how you can have a character going from a career high like that to an embarrassment like that. It’s just another example of how bad the WWE creative team is getting. They ironically show a consistent lack of inconsistency. There’s on I’ve talked about him so much is because I feel, his demise is what can only be described as an injustice. I know as all of you cleaver people will have picked up on, The fact that I wasn’t watching WWE at the time but I have taken the time to go back and watch all the PPV’s I missed.
We’ve also seen Big E come up and win the IC title. I’m pretty sure former Mr MITB Damien Sandow competed on NXT for a while, and recently we’ve seen Bo Dallas, Adam Rose and Rusev come up to the main roster. And obviously, we can not forget about the Wyatt family who despite getting beaten by John Cena on two occasions now after last nights defeat are still, well and truly on the way to taking the WWE by storm and solidifying there places at the top of the card. We also have another champion In the form of Paige who came up through NXT and she looks like she can help reignite the divas division. I know that I’ve probably left off some big names so sorry for that but I’m just emphasising my point about how much talent is seeping through to the main roster.
The success of NXT is a already evident and it appears clear to me that we will see more superstars take the WWE by storm in the coming year. Watching NXT Takeover made me wonder which was better NXT or Raw? This is a question I should never have to ponder but the success that’s happening down there, is better to watch than what’s going on up at Raw. Everyone that competed on the Takeover special event was very talented in the ring. I was mesmerised by Tyson Kidd vs Adrien Neville for the title. That match, alike Breeze versus Seth Rogen’s skinny look alike Sami Zayn nearly had me chanting ‘this is awesome’ in my Nan’s front room. I’m struggling to emphasise how much I enjoyed these matches.
I’d also like to point out, all 4 of these men are eligible for a cruiser weight division and it had me wondering will we see the rebirth of that division? There are som many talents that would benefit from this division on the main roster as well like Sn Cara, Kofi Kingston and Justin Gabriel. There is a wealth a talent that could compete in this division including some big names to egg. Seth Rollins and Dolph Ziggler (if you would state him a big name). I stated before that I believe that Triple H will one day be running the show and if he really does do what’s best for business, he’ll reinstate that belt.
Another division that Hunter is keen on is the tag team division and I think we have seen the latest tag team emerge in the for of the Ascension. This team had the potential to steamroll over the entire division they are absolute machines and are almost definitely going to one day be WWE tag team champions. The divas match was amazing as we’ll. I usually am one to skip the divas matches but I had a feeling this one would be worth watching. I was right as well Natalya well and truly put over the next generation of Flair in Charlotte. She is clearly a very talented wrestler and with it looking like there’s many divas who will be able to perform very well in the ring that division may well and truly take off again.
Overall, I think you can tell I’m pretty hyped about the future of the WWE. I think the day Triple H takes over will be glorious. In my eyes, and although some of you won’t agree he could be the to one to evolve the company into a new era. We’ve all heard about the new ‘reality era’ and although it’s clear there had been no real change as of yet that I can see, change is coming and the WWE seems to be heading for a new era. Bring on the future!

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