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EditorialMore ​Backstage News On Why WWE SmackDown Is Moving To The USA...

More ​Backstage News On Why WWE SmackDown Is Moving To The USA Network In 2016



Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Here are some more details on the recent news of SmackDown making the move to the USA Network from SyFy. The move was done to help strengthen the ratings for USA and maintain its position as the No. 1 cable network on TV. RAW does well in the ratings, and SmackDown is also reportedly the most watched show on SyFy. However, USA has reportedly had trouble keeping its No. 1 spot as of late, hence the decision for SmackDown to make the programming move.

 The new season of WWE Tough Enough will also be broadcast on USA as well. Per how much NBC-Universal pays WWE for its programming, they break even with how much WWE content makes them in ad revenue.

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