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Editorial"Never Say Die": A Look at the Adorable Delilah Doom

“Never Say Die”: A Look at the Adorable Delilah Doom



Wrestling characters have a knack for toying with your emotions; whether it’s a menacing hulk of a man selling his strength and charisma, or it’s a colorfully clad woman who is seemingly dressed for an 80’s throwback aerobics class, it is important to feel those emotions in order to truly appreciate the product you are playing spectator for. Take one look at Delilah Doom and I dare you not to smile. Really…I dare you. Born Sarah Jean-Greaves, Doom says it was her hero, Chyna who first made her want to become a professional wrestler, though their characters couldn’t be more “night and day” to one another.

With a radiant personality and a knack for making people happy, Delilah Doom can best be described with one word: “fun”. Her entrance music is “Lets Go to the Mall” by fictional pop-star “Robin Sparkles”, a character portrayed by “How I Met Your Mother” character Robin Shoerbotzky (played by Cobie Smulders) as a carefree teenager obsessed with shopping and 80’s clichés like denim jackets and big hair. It seems as though Delilah Doom is bent on doing that character one better, borrowing the denim jacket and spirit of that era and adding a little spin of her own. She’s clad in tattoos and piercings and her hair is rarely any other color than one plucked from the rainbow, but when you tie it all together you get a fresh wrestling persona that immediately puts a smile on your face and makes you want to cheer the hero. The character, an 80’s gimmick born out of Doom training in leg warmers, has been competing in mostly Texas based promotions since February of 2014 and has since become a favorite on the indie wrestling scene appearing in promotions like “Inspire”, “Texas All Star Wrestling” and even participated in a recent match on “WWE Raw” going up against Nia Jax in a televised bout.

Most recently, she has been billed to compete for the “Rise” Wrestling promotion on January 27th and also under the “Sabotage Wrestling” banner out of Los Angeles in February, participating in a 16 woman tournament to crown the first ever Sabotage champion. In true 80’s fashion, she has also borrowed a famous quote from the acclaimed movie “Goonies” to describe her fans: “Doomies never say die…” but with a talent like Delilah Doom, they are sure bound to multiply in numbers.

You can find out more about Delilah Doom by visiting her on twitter @delilah_doom and please check out her go fund me account (linked on her twitter page) for more information on how you can donate and help her with her pets medical needs. 

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