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EditorialNo, Logan Paul Isn't Stealing Anyone's Spot, Or Is He?

No, Logan Paul Isn’t Stealing Anyone’s Spot, Or Is He?



Just as a prerequisite to what you are about to read: I will go ahead and flat-out say that I like Logan Paul and his brother Jake. Well, wait, hold up a second. I guess I shouldn’t go as far as to say “like”, maybe I should just say I “respect” the Paul brothers. So, now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, as Mr. Tony Khan would say, let’s F’ing go!

Who Is Logan Paul?

I know wrestling fans don’t care who Logan Paul really is so let’s do the short version. Logan was a kid born in Ohio and was an all-state-level high school football player and wrestler. So the dude is a legitimate athlete and knows at least a little something about wrestling. High school wrestling counts for something if high school football counted for Al Bundy. Right?

Logan has one of the most listened-to/viewed podcasts out there behind Joe Rogan, which honestly blows my mind. He was only 10 years old when he started on YouTube but didn’t blow up until around 2014 and got rich and lived happily ever after blah blah blah. So, are you jealous? I am, I’m jealous of Logan Paul and his millions of dollars. It’s okay to be jealous, you’ll be fine. He was probably a better high school wrestler than you were too.

So who is Logan Paul in the ring? Well so far he got knocked out in a rigged exhibition fight with Floyd Mayweather. and supposedly made a bad deal and never got paid in full. Oh, and there was that one time when he competed against Rey Mysterio in a tag match at WrestleMania 38.

So Logan isn’t exactly a “nobody” by any means, as far as being in a ring with legends of wrestling and boxing is concerned. But, at the same time, are the Paul brothers a joke? Yes, yes they are a joke. But the dudes are a very profitable joke. Logan is not great in the wrestling ring, and he probably never will be. His brother Jake is not even a national-level amateur boxer, much less a good pro boxer, but, he’s still a better boxer than Logan.

The Paul brothers know exactly what they are doing, and it is brilliant. Well, except for that one time when Logan lost millions on a fake Pokemon card, he wasn’t so brilliant then. But, other than that, Logan Paul is a genius, and so is his brother Jake. The Paul brothers are playing us like a fiddle. These dudes know how to play the game, and they are winning like Charlie Sheen.

Bling Bling

Let’s take a second to answer the question a lot of people are asking on social media. Is this real? Yes, it is real! Even if it were a work it is real because he still has to have a contract to get paid. The man has signed a WWE contract, and you have not. He’s making that bling, he’s getting the Quan (go watch Jerry McGuire). The truth hurts, doesn’t it? Yes, as sad or ridiculous as this signing may be, the truth always hurts.

Logan Paul and his brother Jake are straight-up businessmen. In addition to being great businessmen, like it or not, the two brothers are legitimate athletes. They playing the boxing scene for fools by posing to be professional boxers.  And, while they are doing so, they are making more money than legit boxers by avoiding fighting real boxers (Mayweather doesn’t count that was all a show).

So, can Logan get away with doing this in WWE? Aw hell no he can’t. But that’s a good thing. He’ll have to learn very fast, he can’t fake this. No WWE wrestler will let him, no matter how much bling WWE is throwing his way.

Go compare the purse of any current champion in boxing to what Jake Paul made over the last year and you’ll see the bling. Unfortunately for us wrestling fans, Logan Paul is about to do the same in WWE. I guarantee you he just made a bigger payday than %80 of the WWE roster. He got the Quan and someone’s spot.

Is Logan Stealing A Legit Wrestler’s Spot?

You’re probably wondering if Logan Paul stealing someone’s spot? The short answer is, well, maybe. But, let us explore a longer answer to this question. If the man was stealing someone’s spot, then that someone would have already made it to WWE by now. Does that make sense?

The way it works in wrestling is like a fast food restaurant. You work your way up the indies, just like you work your way up from dishwasher to fry cook. Climbing the ladder in the indies is probably more difficult now because there are more organizations out there. So, that means there are more wrestlers out there to compete with. Can you skip the line? Yes. But, how do you skip the line? Money. With money, you can skip the line in any aspect of life. Money is a silly concept, but we worship it, even though technically it is not real.

Can Logan Paul really be a full-time professional wrestler is a real question we should all be asking. Also, is Logan Paul capable of cutting a great promo? The answer to these questions is yet to be seen. But, he did show that he posses some wrestling skills in his WrestleMania 38 match, I will give Logan that.

Why Did WWE Sign Logan Paul?

Money, that’s why. Wrestling is just like any other industry, it’s all about making money. And, even though you might consider Logan Paul to be a massive tool, the man has 23 million YouTube subscribers, 23 million IG followers, and 6 million Twitter followers. To put some perspective on these numbers, Roman Reigns, the WWE Undisputed Universal Champion or whatever they’re calling it now, only has 4 million Twitter followers and 6 million IG followers.

These kinds of numbers are any promoter or producer’s wet dream. Unfortunately, it’s no longer about wrestling for WWE, and the signing of Logan Paul would seem like a slap in the face to wrestling fans. But, Triple H seems to be impressed, so does that mean we should trust Triple H’s judgment and play along?

In the film industry now, it’s not about how good of an actor you are, it’s all about how many social media followers you have. Do you want to know why? Because it’s free advertising. Followers are the first thing producers and casting agents look for. So it should be no surprise that WWE is doing the same thing with Logan Paul.

Does the signing have the potential to backfire? Hell yes, it does. I think it already has. Why? Well, even though I said I like the guy, I can already tell you that any Logan Paul segment on RAW or SmackDown, or any PPV will just be another segment that I’ll be fast-forwarding through. His followers are not wrestling fans, and I don’t think many of them will carry over to watch him in WWE. His followers are probably more of the type that makes fun of anyone who watches professional wrestling. So, yes, it will backfire.

End Scene

Ok, I’m tired of writing about Logan Paul, so I’m ending it here. So, this is where I ask you the question that I never imagined I’d ever ask anyone. Are you excited or angered by WWE signing Logan Paul? Let me know in the comments or as always hit me up on Twitter.

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