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EditorialPredictions for GFW Destination X

Predictions for GFW Destination X



This is a big week for wrestling fans. We have the final Raw and Smackdown episodes before SummerSlam, NXT Takeover, and of course SummerSlam itself. But hidden in the middle of all of this is a special live episode of GFW on Thursday, Destination X. What was once a PPV has become a themed episode over the last couple of years. But that doesn’t take away from the fact that it is a PPV-quality card. The Super X Cup Finals, The X Division Title, Knockouts Title, and a #1 Contender Match are all booked. Initially, there was a GFW World Title match booked but news broke yesterday that Alberto El Patron has been stripped of the title and remains on suspension stemming from the airport altercation between him and Paige. The last several weeks have built up to this card very nicely. So let’s look at what we can expect from GFW, live this Thursday.


Over the last four weeks, we’ve seen some great X Division action with some of GFW’s newest X Division talents along with great performers from NOAH and AAA. Desmond Xavier, one of GFW’s rising stars, takes on the longest reigning Jr World Champion from NOAH, Ishimori. Xavier scored a fairly easy win over Idris Abraham and then won an incredible match against AAA’s Drago to reach the finals. Ishimori def Davey Richards in the first round and then won a great match against ACH in the semifinals last week. Ishimori is an incredible talent and if you haven’t seen Desmond Xavier, you’re missing a special talent. In the end, I see a hard fought battle won by Desmond Xavier which should put him in the X Division title picture sooner rather than later.

Predicted Winner: Desmond Xavier


Four weeks ago, Matt Sydal came out and demanded an X Division Title match. Bruce Prichard came out and shut him down. This promoted Lashley to come out and demand a World Title shot. Sydal took exception to the interruption and it led to a scuffle between the two. Lashley dropped him with a spear. The next week, Sydal got the better of Lashley and hit the Shoot Star. Prichard announced that the two would fight at Destination X, with the winner becoming the #1 Contender for their respective title. It’s unclear if they can choose their title or how it works out. But in the end, this should be a dominating performance from Lashley, with Sydal getting a few glimmers of hope. In the end, Lashley will pull off the victory. I would love to see Lashley spear Sydal out of mid air while he attempts a Shooting Star. We can hope. But Lashley gets the win here.

Predicted Winner: Lashley


After successfully retaining her KO title rematch against Rosemary in a Last KO Standing match, Sienna attempted hijack Impact last week, demanding to know who her opponent is for Destination X. Karen Jarrett comes out and announced Gail Kim as Sienna’s opponent. While Gail is a legend and probably still one of the best female performers today, it kind of sucks considering how much the company has invested in building up new and deserving Knockouts like Rosemary and Allie. Perhaps there are bigger plans for those two and they have Bound For Glory in mind. That’s my hope, but for this match, I think Sienna will keep the title with a screwjob victory over the HOFer. Look for Gail to get some close calls but Sienna’s “cousin” KM will somehow get involved here to assist her in the victory.

Predicted Winner: Sienna


While this is the match that makes a lot of sense, the story line and booking of this has been strange. Trevor Lee stole the title belt from Sonjay Dutt several weeks ago. When Sonjay tried to get his belt back Prichard intervened and for some unknown reason, barred Sonjay from the building, allowing Trevor to walk around with the belt. Trevor made a mockery of being a fighting champ by defending the title against highly unqualified opponents over the last several weeks. Then two weeks ago, when he gave a title shot to the Mumbai Cat, there was a switcheroo that took place and the Cat got the win. Then unmasked to reveal himself to be Sonjay. This prompted Prichard to come out and order him to give the belt back to Trevor, and they finally clash for Sonjay’s X Division Title this Thursday. Yes, you read everything about that correctly. Sonjay got his belt stolen, then was the one getting punished throughout. This one is hard to predict. Both are very deserving. I think Sonjay gets his revenge and gets his belt back.

Predicted Winner: Sonjay Dutt


There was a World Title match between Albert and Low Ki originally slated. But since Alberto is out for the time being, Prichard is going to make a “Big Announcement” as it pertains to the title. I’m sure whatever this is, it won’t be just an announcement segment. Rather, I think LAX will be involved here, since Low Ki is a member now. I also think some new talent(s) will be revealed. A lot of reports are saying John Morrison has signed or is close to signing and he could show up. A great scenario would be LAX beating down V.O.W. and then the All American American debuts to make the save. Either way, this segment should close the show and a splash needs to be made to get people talking.

It’s going to be a great night for GFW smack dab in the middle of SummerSlam week, which is a huge week for WWE. Either way, it’s a great week to be a wrestling fan and I hope everyone tunes to Destination X on Thursday and joins us in the PBP. Let me know what you guys and gals think would or could happen at Destination X this Thursday.

Thanks for reading everyone. Be Safe.


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