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EditorialPush, Develop or Under Use?

Push, Develop or Under Use?



Dolph Ziggler- 

Over with the fans.

Good mic skills.

Incredible in ring skills.

Accomplished both a variety of championships and wins in gimmick matches. 

Kofi Kingston- 

Tremendous reaction for his status currently on the WWE roster (lower mid-card).

Never given a real chance on the mic to develop.

Unique move set.

10 time champion.


Theme song it’s self gets a reaction.

Good in ring worker.

Brilliant gimmick.

Biggest win (over Chris Jericho) WrestleMania 29.

Cody Rhodes- 

Good Heel and Face.

Nice mix between Old School and New School move set.

Good tag team and single competitor.

Multi time champion.

The Uso’s- 

Best current tag team.

Family inherited move set.

Both power and flexibility.

Could be an awesome tag team and have some awesome rivalries.

Jack Swagger-

Brilliant patriotic gimmick

Mixed wrestling material.

Brilliant mouth piece (Zeb Colter).

Catch phrase so so so over with the fans (We The People).

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