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EditorialRealistic Road to Wrestlemania Bookings...

Realistic Road to Wrestlemania Bookings…



We all like to fantasize about a the perfect WWE product but since we know that WWE dosen’t give two cents about what we think, they only think about whats “best for business”. Which just really means have John Cena win every match on the card. But for the Rumble match, the rules are 30 men enter the ring one at a time and they have to throw everyone over until there’s one last guy who wins the match and get’s to headline Mania and choose the title he want’s a shot at. 30 men enter but everyone know theres only about three who actually have a chance at winning. Let’s name a few of those men.

1. Roman Reigns – You knew his name would be on here and quite frankley he has the most chance of winning anyways. If he wins the match and Rollins wins the title match, then this could be a fun feud but not WrestleMania worthy. It’s a silent feud that’s been going on for a while and their matches always only end up okay anyways. They were stronger as a team then as opponents. I’ll only say a few things about Lesnar since he most likely won’t be here pretty soon because he will probably be signing with UFC in the upcoming months. Again, Cena vs Reigns could be a cool match because it would be a powerhouse vs powerhouse but it would also be a face vs face which rarely happens as a main even of Mania. No doubt I think that would be a great match but it would be the wrong kind of match to headline.

2. Daniel Bryan – Having Bryan headline Mania two years in a row with Rollins or Cena would be like having John Cena vs The Rock two years in a row (oh wait that actually happenend!). The only opponent out of those three that would be interesting for Bryan would be Lesnar, that would be a fresh and exciting match we haven’t seen before. It would be someone who’s great at classic chain wrestling against one of the biggest powerhouses of all time!

Now there’s one guy I would like to bring up, just as a dream booking because it would be so damn fun with any of those three opponents…

3. Dolph Ziggler – I’m just gonna say it, he is not going to win the Rumble match because that wouldn’t be smart on a business level but on a fan level that would be the best choice for me! He has feuded with Cena before with AJ Lee in the mix. Those were actually some pretty good matches he had with Cena. He’s had a few matches with Rollins as recently as Survivor Series with the six vs six and if team Cena lost they would all lose their jobs! Even talking about Ziggler vs Lesnar gives me chills, Ziggler and Heyman’s mic skills, they could sell the match in an instant! That would two great wrestlers going at it!

I didn’t talk about WWE’s newest PPV, Fast Lane because we don’t know much about it. Also since we are talking about professional wrestling anything can happen for all we know none of those three men in the title match could be the champ when Mania rolls around. Matter what I just hope this years Mania is more exciting and fresh then last years!

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