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EditorialShould Rhea Ripley & Dominik Mysterio Split? | Question Of The Day

Should Rhea Ripley & Dominik Mysterio Split? | Question Of The Day



Welcome to another eWrestlingNews Question of the Day!

In case you missed last night’s episode of WWE Raw, the grand finale of the night saw Rhea Ripley return. She came out just in time to witness Dominik Mysterio about to kiss Liv Morgan and chased off the women’s world champion who had injured her and forced her to relinquish the title in the first place.

Therein lies the question for today: “Should Rhea Ripley and Dominik Mysterio split, or stay a duo?”

Remember to answer with your response in the comments below.

As far as my answer…

They need to break up. For a few reasons.

First off, as great as the gimmick has been, it’s run its course. We’ve seen everything I can imagine they would do with Rhea and Dom together. He’s been her submissive plaything, helped her win matches, gotten a lot of laughs out of it, etc. What else is there to do other than repeat the same things, but to lesser and lesser comedic effect?

Ripley is assuredly going to be a babyface going forward, too. Being associated with Dominik hinders that, as he excels far better as a heel. There shouldn’t be a babyface turn on the horizon for him until maybe he retires Rey Mysterio.

The way I see this playing out is that Dom will be the central figure between both Rhea and Liv over the next few weeks. He’ll be in positions where he says he’s 100% behind Mami, only to then still be seen interacting with Morgan. This will all come to a head at SummerSlam, where he’ll be specifically tasked to decide between them, only to lead to more shenanigans.

If WWE wants to speed through this, Ripley will win the title back at SummerSlam and that will be mostly it. However, I think we will actually get that “custody of Dominik” match that everyone’s been speculating about for a while. If that doesn’t happen at SummerSlam, it will take place on Raw or at Bash in Berlin a few weeks later.

But whether Ripley wins or loses that type of stipulation, I think she needs to abandon Dom, one way or another. Depending on your perspective, either Dom should turn on her, cost her the title match at SummerSlam and Ripley should win the belt back at a future show, or Rhea should be the one to kick him to the curb. I can see an argument for both. Mysterio gets more heat with the first option, but the second leads to a cheerleading moment for the audience to get behind Ripley as the empowered one telling her former fling to f-off.

By September, one way or another, I think we need to be looking at Ripley holding the Women’s World Championship, not being associated with The Judgment Day anymore, and being away from Dominik Mysterio, too. Meanwhile, either Dom stays with Liv, or they split, too, as Liv could easily just say she was using him and without the title, he means nothing to her.

What do you think? Drop your thoughts below!

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