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EditorialSummerslam Predictions

Summerslam Predictions



Summerslam can make careers, put a new twist on a gimmick, give someone a gimmick, form alliances for the Survivor Series and so on. WWE’s PPVs need to distinguish themselves from their weekly shows as well as the big 4 PPVs need to set the standard for the industry. Predicting PPV matches can be an objective task, however it can be viewed subjectively as shaping of storylines that keep the WWE machine moving.

Ryback vs Miz vs Big Show for the Intercontinental Championship

Yes, this is the belt that The Rock termed the People’s Championship. With that piece of history and the belt’s potential to launch careers, the prospect of Miz winning would be fun, but it may undermine the title. Miz would be another champion who runs away from competition, thats a beaten down gimmick, one which Seth already milked for past few months. Ryback retaining is a more favorable outcome in terms of WWE’s focus on putting the Mid Card titles on the line on weekly basis. This should work well for Ryback, who has been a fairly regular worker on RAW/SD although his recent injuries may put that perspective in jeopardy. Possibility of seeing Big Show take a bump through table in a probable career ending injury (kayfabe), particularly since there is very little use of him on weekly shows, he needs to be more of a special/surprize attraction

Orton vs Sheamus

Sheamus losing again will further weaken his position as the Money in the Bank contract bearer. Couple of weeks ago he almost cashed it in. However, building him as fluke contract winner will create a bigger pop when he actually cashes in. Orton is a smooth worker with perhaps the most famous finisher. This match should be fun to watch. Orton winning or losing this one makes no difference to anybody, including him as the contract is not on the line. Orton needs a new opponent and him winning will bring closure to the angle. In case Sheamus wins, he definitely won’t win clean. Interference is possible, but who could it be is an interesting proposition.

Taker vs Lesnar

Clean finish in favor of Taker will tarnish Brock’s anomaly gimmick, would not be favorable for future plans. Brock doesn’t have to lose, even if he leaves because of interference, its a closure for him, as he didn’t initiate this ever. Brock winning, will build up a grand finale of this saga and perhaps Taker’s retirement match at WrestleMania – this is JR’s prediction BTW.

Kane may return to avenge Brock, for breaking his leg – remember? The match would end in disqualification and anger Taker. Taker would take out the anger on Kane, setting up the brothers of destruction for their WrestleMania double retirement match. A classic to honor careers of two of the most storied workers in the company and Brock gets to maintain his Conquerer image.

Sting vs Taker has been the popular demand and a great nostalgia trip. Sting may come up with some theatricals resulting the match to end in no result and setting up their match

Cena vs Seth Rollins for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship

Expect a finish here since this is Summerslam

A typical finish is where Cena overcomes all the Authority’s obstacles and wins the title for 16th time. On the next RAW, Cena may unify the titles – also he would close down the US open challenge, to everyone’s disappointment. In the long term, removing US title, allows WWE to elevate the NXT title next to the World championship. Also on the same RAW, Seth may get a performance review and may get fired from the Authority. This would turn Seth face and interestingly Cena may become a heel.

Alternatively Seth wins, using his sly techniques and unlikely outside help. JandJ security interfere but can’t get rid of Cen but this distracts the referee enough, while Daniel Bryan delivers flying knee to Cena, breaking his nose this time for kayfabe real. Seth rolls him up for win and leaves all smiles. While a jealous D-Bry gets the heel heat like never before.

If Seth wins clean though, Authority may come down to congratulate him, only to turn on him and a beatdown ensues. Sheamus take advantage of a battered Seth and cashes in. Seth, is the new face US champion, who goes after authority but gets thrown into title defenses against Kevin Owens, Rusev, Harper et al. While the heel world champ Sheamus keeps title from Cesaro, Reigns, Ambrose. The focus shifts to the younger roster rather than likes of Orton, Cena, Brock, who would rather feud with par timers like Rock, Sting, HHH, Taker.

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