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EditorialThe ​Synopsis WWE's Daniel Bryan Bryan Book + A Video Of Brock...

The ​Synopsis WWE’s Daniel Bryan Bryan Book + A Video Of Brock Lesnar’s RAW Destruction, More



— WWE has provided us with the synopsis and cover art for Daniel Bryan’s book YES!: My Improbable Journey to the Main Event of WrestleMania. The book goes on sale via St. Martin’s Press on July 21st, 2015 and has a cover price of $25.99. The synopsis is as follows:

Do people cheer for the underdog? YES! Does professional wrestling still hold a special place in the hearts of sports fans? YES! Is the man who began the WWE fan-driven YES! Movement the most popular Superstar in the WWE Universe? Emphatically – YES! Daniel Bryan is everyone’s favorite underdog. What started early in his career as a simple rallying cry – YES! – has become synonymous not only with wrestling fans worldwide but with everybody who ever pulls for the little guy to climb the mountaintop. In his electrifying memoir YES!: My Improbable Journey to the Main Event of WrestleMania, Daniel Bryan takes the reader from all the backwoods wrestling outposts at the onset of his career to the pinnacle of his profession – heavyweight champion of WWE!

From the time he was a little boy in rural Washington state all Daniel Bryan wanted to do was become a wrestler. Although small in stature he was blessed with great athleticism but even more importantly – a huge heart. Bryan immersed himself in the sport and in his training like a whirling dervish. After more than a decade of beating the bushes of every wrestling event stop in the US, Mexico, Japan and Europe, Bryan found himself on the cusp on making the WWE lineup, his improbable rise nearly complete.

Along the way Bryan’s mettle inside and outside the ring would be tested and strong friendships formed, while the fans take notice of the underdog without any quit in him. When his “YES!” chant becomes a full-fledged movement his career skyrockets. And standing at his side, his rock of support, is the love of his life, Brianna (herself a Superstar in the WWE’s Total Divas). It all leads up to the most incredible event in WWE history – WrestleMania 30 – and the crowning of a new WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

YES! chronicles the hard work, values, influences, and unique life choices – such as devotion to sustainability and protecting the environment – that have become the hallmark of the life and career of everyone’s most beloved underdog.

The press release includes the following quotes about Bryan:

Shawn Michaels: “I knew at first glance what a talented young man he was…His work ethic, his integrity, his dedication, all of that stuff was phenomenal.”

Triple H: “Daniel is the crossover of so many of those factors that make a Superstar…He’s got charisma. He’s got personality. He’s different…There’s a truth to what he says.”

Brie Bella: “Bryan’s humble spirit and gracious heart are why I fell in love with him. His brilliance in the ring confirms why we love watching this incredible WWE Superstar.”

— WWE released the following video, recapping Brock Lesnar’s “path of destruction” from RAW:

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