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EditorialTiffany's Take: AEW Dynamite 2/26/20

Tiffany’s Take: AEW Dynamite 2/26/20



AEW Dynamite is coming from Kansas City! How will everyone make the final push for Revolution?

30 Minute Iron Man Match – Kenny Omega vs PAC

Well, at least the match I was least excited for is kicking off the show. Even with it being fixed at 30 minutes, I was not stoked about this match.

This was a FABULOUS match! Omega and PAC beat the trash out of each other. This was a no fall match for a good chunk of it, much like Hart vs Michaels in 1996, but I enjoyed this much more, probably because it wasn’t an hour with no falls.

Omega got the first fall due to a DQ, then PAC picked the bones of his dirty work to get the second fall. I appreciated the Bucks being out there to support Omega, even with the Tag Team Championship match coming up. I did find it odd that Hangman Page wasn’t out there.

So, match ended in a draw. Omega never tapped out, but much like 1996, we have sudden death with Ref Aubrey. There was also some REALLY awkward looking landing with heads in crotches, but it’s all good. Omega got the deciding fall and has some momentum heading into Revolution, if he can even MOVE on Saturday Night.

We’re getting PAC vs Orange Cassidy? Okay…I don’t get it.

Santana, Ortiz, and Sammy Guevara vs Jurassic Express

This was NOT the six man tag I was expecting last week, but here we go. Love Inner Circle selling for Marko Stunt, shows how he’s moving up.

This was a pretty good match, much better than I was expecting. That Three Way Superkick was INSANE! Love Darby Allin helping JE get the win, building his match against Guevara, which looked questionable for a few hours this week.

Cody vs MJF

I like this look back at their relationship before Full Gear. I’m not sure who will win on Saturday, but I’m expecting a hell of a match.

Best Friends with Orange Cassidy vs Butcher and Blade with Bunny

This was a REALLY good match. I’m glad the Best Friends are getting more screen time, still not sure about Butcher and Blade, but this was really good. Cassidy keeps picking fights with people, the thing with him and Bunny was funny.

Best Friends get the win, so that should move them up the ranks, but they should’ve been DQ’d due to Cassidy hitting a suicide dive on Blade.

Not a fan of Best Friends putting words in Cassidy’s mouth and I’m still not sold on PAC vs Cassidy, but I guess we’ll see.

AEW Dynamite

Yuka Sakazaki vs Big Swole vs Shanna vs Hikaru Shida

Okay, I don’t remember this being announced, but I’ve also slept since last week. At least Swole is on AEW Dynamite this week.

Holy. Cow. WHAT A MATCH! People have been trashing the AEW Women’s Division, but this match was REALLY good and showed how much the division has improved since last year. I’m disappointed that Swole took the pin since she’s been on a role, but I also want Shida to get back in the title picture since she never got her title shot after winning a #1 Contender’s match.

Dark Order

HOLY GOD! IS IT HAPPENING?! IS IT REALLY HAPPENING?! Wait, Matt Hardy won’t be out of his contract until Sunday. Uh, can they do that?

Hangman Page, Kenny Omega, Young Bucks Sit Down

Well, this is a different kind of signing/promo. I like it. I like the storytelling aspect of it. For Omega and the Bucks, this is about business, it doesn’t impact their friendship. Page clearly doesn’t feel that way and is becoming less shy about voicing it. I like that it got personal without getting physical, but still but still built the anticipation.

Jon Moxley/Chris Jericho Weigh In

Are the chicks in bikinis really necessary? Holy crap, it’s JJ Dillon! No, Twitter says it’s Gary Michael Capetta. The name rings a bell, but I’m not sure where from.

Love Mox’s…workout gear…I guess. It’s good for a weigh in since you can take it off and on easily, also good for changing rooms. Does his shirt say ‘Lunatic Unscripted’? If it comes in something other than fleece, I want it.

WTF is this Jericho entrance? You’re a 50 year old wrestler with a paunch and a four pack, not prime Mike Tyson, dude.

Ooh, I love the stripping. Mox is…234lbs. Jericho stalled because he doesn’t want to admit his weight. I kind of understand, I’m getting second hand embarrassment just watching this. Oh for fuck’s sake, either weigh in or start fighting. Let’s fight, much more entertaining. Where’s Allin and Rhodes? They got skin in this too. There we go, now where’s Allin. OOh, I hope the cut over the nose was planned.

Hello, is anyone going to help Mox? Okay, Allin’s here. Heels gotta look strong for Saturday. Hopefully, Mox will be the NEW AEW Champ next week.

That’s it for Tiffany’s Takes for AEW Dynamite! Tune in Saturday for Revolution coverage.

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