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EditorialTiffany's Takes: AEW Dark 2/25/20 & Being the Elite #192

Tiffany’s Takes: AEW Dark 2/25/20 & Being the Elite #192



The Elites are playing in Atlanta for this edition of Tiffany’s Takes! Will this be a fabulous homecoming or; can you really not go home again?

Being the Elite Episode 192 – The One with the Toys

  • Oh, this is the big Young Bucks announcement: They’re writing their memoirs! I’m so used to WWE releasing a DVD, that I’m actually surprised we’re not getting one. I also love the title and that little needle to their detractors, particularly Jim Cornette.
  • Define cold, Matt. Cold in Atlanta and cold in the rest of the country is two different things. Damn, Cutler’s got a great camera on his phone.
  • Orange Cassidy and Kris Statlander. Is she still being weird…yeah, she’s being weird and we’re throwing shoes at random guy.
  • The action figures! Those are better reproductions of their faces than some action figures I’ve seen.
  • Omega reacting to his figure is priceless.
  • Cody’s a little more used to this, but everyone’s reactions are so cute!
  • How do you forget your costumes? Or was it attack of Merch Freak? Merch Freak. Damn. Kenny’s acting is so bad.
  • Holy Jesus, what the fuck is up with Little Kenny Omega? Jesus Christ, that segment is burned into my retina.
  • SCU!! Dissention in the ranks? SO, Scorpio and Frankie think Daniels has joined the Dark Order? No, just a really lame nightmare…or is it? Oh, that’s better, still really bad acting.
  • Beaver Boys! A little deluded, but okay. So, SCU is on Dark Order’s hit list.
  • Tony Schiavone! Tony’s feeling a little prickly about Starbucks.
  • Nyla Rose! Justin Roberts practicing!! Nyla wanting a Game of Thrones style name is hilarious. Poor Nakazawa!
  • Barista!Matt! Brandon Cutler is serious a great friend to put up with this every week.
  • Kenny Omega looks tired. Love that he’s being honest about NOT doing a bunch of training. No, phony ass montages…well, this montage looks like uncomfortable.
  • Brandon is such a bro…in a good way.  What was Kip Sabian (I think) doing?
  • The Librarians are so lame. Daniels being like, ‘I don’t wanna know’.
  • Heading to the Toy Fair in New York.
  • Uh, why are we getting Omega’s entrance video? Oh, it’s not, here’s the Bucks.
  • These toys are seriously cool! So proud of AEW!
  • Page! Guess no one’s found out that he tried to get the other tag teams to gang up on the Bucks. At least Page is being honest about his assholeness and jealousy. Kenny’s done with this shit. This heel turn is going to be CRAZY!

Tiffany's Takes

AEW Dark – Atlanta, Georgia

Jimmy Havoc vs Marko Stunt

This is a really random match and I’m not sure how I feel about it.

I’ll give Marko Stunt credit, he showed no fear and Havoc sold like fuck for him in the first minutes of the match. Okay, Mel and Finster being out here is distracting to me and to Havoc.

I will say that this is a better match than the one last week, but it still feels super random. That said, Havoc and Stunt worked really well together. I’m a little surprised that Havoc won clean and that Mel and Finster didn’t intervene in some way, which pretty much makes their appearance pointless.

Dasha’s back!!!

Strong Hearts vs Dark Order

Another really random match. At least Dark Order has an interesting storyline.

This was a REALLY good match. Both teams did really well together. Dark Order’s gimmick too often overshadows the fact that they’re both REALLY good wrestlers, and that’s sad. I really enjoyed this match, even though it was random, just because of the great wrestling.

I’m also appreciating that AEW is keeping Dark Order strong by having them win instead of making them look like a joke, which would be very easy to do given the gimmick. I’m really interested to see who the Exalted One is going to be.

Upcoming Cities: Kansas City, Chicago (Revolution) Broomfield, Salt Lake City, Rochester, Newark, Milwaukee, St. Louis, Boston, Philadelphia, Houston,  Las Vegas (Double or Nothing, and Dynamite).

Kip Sabian vs Joey Janela – Falls Count Anywhere

Finally a match with an actual story to it. Janela gets jumped by Ford and Sabian before the match starts. This is basically an intergender handicap match with Ford and Sabian fighting Janela. That said, this match isn’t great. There was a spot where Janela was clearly waiting for Sabian.

Okay, this match picked up and love the ECW feel by having Janela borrow a fan’s prosthetic leg and now, I’m NOT kidding. Love Janela finally fighting back against Ford and literally throwing her out of the ring, or into Sabian’s arms, but you get the point.

JANELA WON!! HE BEAT SABIAN AND FORD!!! Yeah, the match was technically against Sabian, but it was a handicap match most of the time! Good on everyone for that!

Shawn Spears and Peter Avalon vs QT Marshall and Dustin Rhodes

And our final rather random match up of the night. Spears got VERY little reaction. It was crickets, holy cow. Even Blanchard got no reaction, which is kind of shocking. Peter Avalon got more of a reaction.

So the backup for Dustin and QT is Brandi Rhodes, it’s weird to see her back as a babyface. Really good match, crowd seems tired, but got into the match. It doesn’t feel like a main event, Janela vs Sabian had more of a big fight feel, but this was good. Crowd was totally on board for Dustin.

Hey, Tully, if you want Blanchard to have a tag partner, maybe tell him that he can’t abandon the partner mid match. Dustin dragging Leva Bates around ws funny, so was Brandi taking out Bates.

Pretty average episode of AEW Dark. Good main event, not a lot of story movement, but it was good.

That’s it for Tiffany’s Takes! Tune in tomorrow for AEW Dynamite coverage.

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