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EditorialTiffany's Takes: AEW Dark Feb 4 & BTE #189

Tiffany’s Takes: AEW Dark Feb 4 & BTE #189



The Elites survived the Cruise of Jericho, but did the working vacation solve their problems?

Being the Elite #189 – The One With All the Thoughts

Matt being obsessed with his espresso machine, even buying a little barista apron, is cute.

Brandon Cutler being OVER his loss record is a long time overdue. Dude hasn’t won a match since he debuted, I don’t think he’s even won a tag match! Something’s gotta give. Also, FINALLY there is someone who understands that coffee is vile shit that shouldn’t be drunk.

Okay, Kenny and Cody appreciating Britt’s promo, love, don’t love them laughing at baristas, especially with Matt dressed like a barista. Still, happy that Britt’s promo made waves. BTW, love seeing Cody back on BTE.

Poor Matt.

From Miami, to the Bahamas, to Cleveland! Love that Cleveland has tributes to Superman. Little known fact: Superman was created in Cleveland by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster.

Love them reliving the Cruise and mocking MJF. You California boys couldn’t handle an actual MidWest winter, this is mild for late January. No espresso, we’re going to Starbucks? Matt is is pouting. Booboo face?

Rock n Roll Hall of Fame!!!! Kazarian getting down on the bass. This looks SOOO cool! I need to see the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame someday. Why is Orange Cassidy there playing the ukulele.

SCU, Cutler and Page… and Knox. OH SHIT! Daniels has a Dark Order mask! He wouldn’t! Could CD be the Exalted One? Or is it Knox?

I love that the Bucks tease Schiavone about his comments after Hogan turned heel in 1996.

Private Party! Love the work around for saying LAX. Omega being a prep is weird.

Hangman thoughts. Hold the beer. Love that Page doesn’t like the Bucks.

Matt thoughts! I still hate coffee. Being an EVP sounds like a TON of work. Hot stone massage doesn’t sound fun.

Nick thoughts. Oh, Nick doesn’t like Brandon anymore or doesn’t like being filmed? The plot deepens.

Knox thoughts.

No out and out Dark Order spot, but definitely a mystery.

AEW Dark –  Battle of Cleveland

Schiavone!!! And he’s at the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame! Schiavone is a KISS fan!

Best Friends vs Shawn Spears and A Mystery Partner

So, what poor soul was so hard up that they agreed to be Shawn Spears’ tag partner? Who the fuck is Colin Delaney? He looks like a budget Daniel Bryan.

This match was okay. I think the Intergender match, bad lighting, too long, and Kenny’s yapping at the end was a better main event. I do like Delaney wanting to do the hug and Spears being like ‘Back off, dude’, but Blanchard got the hug.

Delaney was good, but I can’t say I was totally WOWED by him. I did find it interesting that Spears’ ego wouldn’t let him let his partner get the pinfall win.

Did I mention that Orange Cassidy annoys me, because he does, but seeing him and Blanchard was actually interesting.

Well, Spears left Delaney to his fate, but shouldn’t someone have pointed out that the loss goes on Spears’ record too? ANYWAY, Best Friend win an okay match, but it got silly too often. At least they were good sports to Delaney, who wasn’t happy and everyone got a hug.

Upcoming Shows: Huntsville, Austin, Atlanta, Kansas City, Chicago, Broomfield (Denver), Salt Lake City, Rochester, Newark, Milwaukee (New one), St. Louis.

Intergender Tag Match – Kip Sabian and Penelope Ford vs Kenny Omega and Riho

Gotta be frank, I’m not really enthusiastic about a long Omega match. Even if it would be a ground breaker. I don’t need Omega to take thirty minutes to tell a fifteen minute story, but maybe I’ll be wrong.

Okay, this is from the Cruise of Jericho.  I wasn’t expecting an actual intergender match and I give Omega props for not taking it easy on Ford but also selling like fuck for her too. Props to Sabian for doing likewise with Riho.

Okay, color me more impressed than I was when I started this show. They’re definitely making a case that intergender wrestling COULD work. Omega and Sabian didn’t go easy on Ford or Riho and the women gave it right back and hung in. That’s REALLY impressive and Omega and Sabian sold for the women.

My biggest gripe is that this match is taking so long. I know they want to prove that intergender wrestling can work, but they don’t need to take almost twenty minutes for it. Omega and Riho got the win, and it was a good match, just a little long for my tastes.

Backstage, Kong’s got a herniated disc. Guess they’re writing her off TV for awhile.

Sonny Kiss and Brandon Cutler vs Jurassic Express

So, Taz is our Dark commentator again. Yay! Quite a pop for Sonny Kiss. Never mind, Jurassic Express got a HUGE pop. Marko Stunt vs Cutler was like watching a dad wrestle his child, but I’ll give Cutler props for seeming to take this seriously.

This match was MUCH better than that mess last week. Cutler really seems to be bringing the fire, Kiss was fun and Jurassic Express had the crowd on their feet. I’ll give HUGE props to Cutler and Kiss for their selling of Marko Stunt, who keeps improving, as does Jungle Boy.

Jurassic Express WON and little Marko got the pin! Yay for them, but this isn’t going to help Cutler’s feelings of inadequacy.

Brandi Therapy

I really like these vignettes, but I wish they’d aired them BEFORE unveiling the Nightmare Collective, instead of after. Love Brandi clapping back at the fans.

Hikaru Shida vs Mel

I wish we knew more about Mel and her background. I’m warming to Hikaru Shida. Mel did the smart thing by getting the jump on Shida.

So far, pretty good match. Mel has a brawler type style, but she’s kind of arrogant, but she’s a heel, so that works. Lester is creepy ad he reminds me of Luke Gallows as Fester…Festus…whatever his name was before he came as part of The Club.  What is it with Shida and bringing in weapons. I know refs give wrestlers a wider berth with that in Japan, but you’d think she’d have learned by now.

That was a nasty right by Mel, but Shida is battling back. Kong with the assist…that fails miserably because she just nailed Mel and that still isn’t three, now it is. Uh, if Nightmare Collective is supposed to be a big heel faction of the women’s division, why would you have them lose so stupidly? It was a good match, but the ending was bleh. And Kong is blaming Mel for losing when it was Kong’s fault. Oh, this isn’t going to last long because Mel’s PISSED.

HOLY SHIT, MEL JUST LAID OUT KONG! That was much more interesting! Wait, why is Fester helping Mel? Is Kong out of the Collective? Brandi’s going to have to do some feather smoothing. Fans not big on Mel taking out Kong for some reason.

That’s it for Tiffany’s YouTube Takes! Tune in tomorrow for Dynamite Takes!

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