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EditorialTiffany's Takes: AEW Dynamite 3-25-20

Tiffany’s Takes: AEW Dynamite 3-25-20



The Blood and Guts match may have been postponed, but there will be plenty of both in the second audience free episode of AEW Dynamite!

It’s still so weird to not have a crowd for these tapings. So, Schiavone is being joined by Cody AND Kenny Omega; at least for tonight and it’s a pretty stacked card that seems mostly filled with people who are within driving distance of Jacksonville or just stayed the week. Brandi is filling in for Justin Roberts again.

Cody vs Jimmy Havoc

First random match in a card of them. It’s still pretty good though.Now that I’m watching Cody away from WWE, I’m surprised that I didn’t realize how good he really is. Even a random, not completely great match is still pretty watchable with Cody involved. I also like that the heels were watching and cheering on Havoc. It does suck to not have the guys out in the crowd, but safety first. Cody gets the win and victory kiss from Brandi.

Jake Roberts Promo

I love Jake Roberts, I think he’s an underrated wrestler in his prime and a phenomenal promo, but inferring that a man’s wife is a slut stopped being acceptable back in the 2000s, and wasn’t really acceptable then either. I am jacked to see what happens when Cody and Lance Archer collide though, so it worked, but the Brandi reference is a little ‘ugh’.

Darby Allin Promo

I think the quarantine is getting to Allin, that shit was dark.

Darby Allin vs Kip Sabian with Penelope Ford

Random-ish match #2. It’s another gem. Sabian has a real future as a top mid-card talent and Penelope Ford is going to light up the Women’s Division. Allin wins with a unique pin move, but that was a REALLY great match. Kudos to both guys.

Jake Hager vs Chico Adams

Like the video package for Hager. The match is a squash, which is to be expected since Hager is being build as Mox’s first big feud as champion. Honestly, the match isn’t much to talk about, the REAL story is that it looks like Mox has been CLEARED!!!! He showed up after Hager’s inevitable victory and all hell broke loose. Hager no selling the Paradigm Shift is scary, but it definitely makes him look like a legit threat to Mox.

HE IS CLEARED!! Mox vs Hager is going to be BLOODY!

Brodie Lee Promo

I’m still hoping that Brodie Lee being the Exalted One is a red herring because I lost all interest in this storyline after the reveal. Dark Order needs a BIG star, Lee isn’t even a medium star.

So, the Dark Order went from cult to corrupt corporation/Mafia family. Nope. Not feeling it.

Brodie Lee vs QT Marshall

I’m NOT feeling this match. I was never really impressed with Lee when he was in WWE, but him being out of WWE doesn’t help him either. Again, AEW should’ve gotten a BIG, proven star, not a mid-carder who never had a successful gimmick of his own.

Matt Hardy Segment

I’m still miffed Hardy isn’t the Exalted One. I like him doing the Bucks a favor, but I was wanting him to be the Exalted One.

I like that we’re getting an update on Nick. I haven’t heard if his baby has been born yet.

AAA Mega Championship Title Match – Kenny Omega vs Sammy Guevara

Okay, LOVE the signs in the crowd.

I’m not the biggest Omega fan in the world, but this match was pretty good, minus Guevara trying to mack with the drawing of Brandi Rhodes. It was still WAY to long for a non-AEW title match on a show with no crowd. Omega winning wasn’t a surprise. Good match, but it went on too long for me.

Matt Hardy and Chris Jericho

It was revealed on Twitter earlier this week that, despite both having worked in WWE for twenty years, give or take, Chris Jericho and Matt Hardy have NEVER had a one on one segment together. Love the camera guy doing ‘Judas’ for Jericho.

I like that Jericho’s first reaction to any threat is to use the fact that he and the threat are friends going way back to try and entice the threat into joining Inner Circle. He tried it with Mox, didn’t work, now he’s trying it with Hardy. Also, love him playing to Vanguard 1.

I’m not sure what to make of Hardy’s teleportation power. It feels like they want him to be some kind of Undertaker character, but it doesn’t work. That said, Jericho being all ‘WTF is your problem, dude’ against Matt’s derangement is HILARIOUS!

Jericho doesn’t appreciate being told ‘no’. At least they’re keeping the build of Blood and Guts going. I’m honestly surprised Jericho’s hair didn’t catch on fire. Still not on board with Hardy trying to be a Taker/Kane hybrid.

That’s it for Tiffany’s Takes for AEW Dynamite! Stay tuned for ongoing coverage.

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