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EditorialTiffany's Takes: AEW Dynamite February 12, 2020

Tiffany’s Takes: AEW Dynamite February 12, 2020



AEW Dynamite is in Austin, TX; birthplace of The American Dream, Dusty Rhodes! Will the home of the Dream prove a boon or bring on the Daddy issues?

AEW Dynamite Tag Team Championship Match – SCU (Frankie Kazarian, Scorpio Sky, with Christopher Daniels) vs Kenny Omega and Hangman Adam Page

No one got an entrance, really? Kinda digging Omega and Page having coordinating gear, at least coordinating vests. I’m glad that we’re getting the inevitably LONG Omega match out first Uh oh, Dark Order’s here already? Why does Daniels leaving seem like a really BAD idea? Also, love the fist bump of respect before shit got down.

Okay, this match was really good. I like how after the respect was shown, both sides went for the dirty tag team tricks. ‘We good, but it’s all business tonight’. SCU really proved that they don’t need a third man in their corner and Omega/Page showed some really…consistency as a tag team.

I also like how this storyline is letting Page shine in the ring. He hadn’t been getting a whole lot of attention since Dynamite launched, so getting to see him show off in the ring has been really fun. Holy cats, I don’t know what that tag team move by Omega and Page was but good night, Scorpio Sky, OUCH.

Elites retain, lovely, so now the big question is: Who’s next? Dark Order arrival wasn’t a surprise, not sure what to make of the Best Friends showing up. Okay, I’m lost, are TH2 and BBB with Dark Order or with AEW or is this just an excuse to have a tag team bench clearer? I’ve never seen a super kick version of a fist bump, something new every day, but that was fun.

JR and Santana: I liked this interview. Santana comes across as very articulate and passionate. Great interview. Santana, however, should’ve realized that Mox never tows the line. He does his thing his way.
Dustin Rhodes vs Sammy Guevara

Okay, like Darby Allin using Sammy’s schtick against him. Darby Allin vs Sammy Guevara at Revolution! Book it! The pop for Dustin was AMAZING as I expected it to be for a hometown boy. I wonder if there will be any tribute to Dusty Rhodes after the show?

This match was pretty good. Dustin selling for Guevara was excellent. Hager losing his shit was hilarious. I think it’s a testament to how long I’ve been watching WWE that Dustin actually WINNING in his hometown was a shock to me, That was a really good, but short match.

Big story: Dustin Rhodes calling out Jake Hager for a match at Revolution. Let’s do this shit! Will say that I wouldn’t call Hager anyone’s bitch for any amount of money.

Britt Baker Interview

Have to say, turning heel has made Baker a lot more interesting. I like that they’re totally leaning in and fully embracing her actual career as a dentist without making it a bad joke like Isaac Yankem. I also love her needling Tony Schiavone, he’s so fun to bug. Hopefully, this turn will get her back into the title conversation.

AEW Women’s Championship Match – Riho vs Nyla Rose

It’s time for the Dynamite Debut rematch! Really pulling for Nyla to beat Riho, it’s time for a new champion.

I’ll give Riho credit, she went right at Rose. This match was really good, very much on par with their first bout in October. It’s still amazing to me that they had Riho go over on Rose the first time, but I’m glad they’ve given Rose more time to improve in the ring and on the mic before putting her back in the title conversation.

WE GOT A NEW WOMEN’S CHAMPION!!! NYLA ROSE JUST BEAT RIHO!!!! YES!!!!! So happy for Nyla!!!! That spear, even blunted was NASTY! Congrats, Nyla, first transgender Women’s Champion in history!

AEW Dynamite

Hey, TNT, could you NOT run a commercial during Nyla’s celebration? I’d like to hear what she’s saying.

Inner Circle

‘Mister Jericho’? Really? Also, you GAVE Moxley that car, Jericho, we all know that and I’m not sure you’d want it back at this point. Mox vs Hager next week. NO! Mox vs Jeff Cobb?! Holy shit! Jeff Cobb is coming to AEW!!!!! One more step towards truly opening the forbidden door!

That replay of that whipping of Cody makes me admire him more, that shit was BRUTAL!

MJF vs Jungle Boy

Eh, I’m not super jazzed for this, it feels a little random, and I think Jungle Boy will lose, but MJF needs some ring time before Revolution.

Okay, this match is much better than I expected it to be. Jungle Boy and MJF are hanging together, though considering that the last MJF match I saw wasn’t particularly good, I’m going to say that has more to do with Jungle Boy than MJF, but hey, it’s still a good match.

MJF gets the win with the ring, courtesy of Wardlow, not a shock and I hate that Jungle Boy got sacrificed for this, but hopefully Cody will tear Wardlow apart next week and MJF at Revolution.

PAC being a psychopath.

2-19 – AEW Dynamite Card: Steel Cage Match, Tag Team Battle Royal, Lucha Brothers vs Omega and Page, Jon Moxley vs Jeff Cobb.
Revolution Card Update: Dustin Rhodes vs Jake Hager
Jon Moxley vs Santana – Eye for an Eye

Okay, we’re ll pretty straight on the fact that no one’s eye is ACTUALLY at stake, right?

Jericho and company arrive. Love Santana’s Puerto Rico inspired patch. Mox’s arrival is always an experience and I’m still stoked I got to see it LIVE. Love that this match started in the crowd. Mox’s eye patch is on sale? Can’t wait to see those sales.

This was SUCH a good match! Moxley has truly blossomed as a wrestler since leaving WWE. He’s really getting to show how good he really is in AEW and NJPW.

AEW just about gave me a legit heart attack with that shit! I thought Mox might lose! Not cool, AEW! Mox took eye for an eye almost literally, but he won, thank God.

Okay, I’m legit mad that Dustin didn’t come to help Mox, he’s supposed to be feuding with Hager, but he didn’t come out to get him when he had the chance? Really? JEFF COBB IS IN THE BUILDING AND I CAN’T WAIT FOR NEXT WEEK!!

That’s it for Tiffany’s AEW Dynamite Takes! Stay tuned for continuing AEW Dynamite coverage!

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