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EditorialTiffany's Takes: AEW Dynamite February 5, 2020

Tiffany’s Takes: AEW Dynamite February 5, 2020



The Elites are in Huntsville, Alabama! Will they reach the stars or come crashing down?

Jon Moxley vs Ortiz

I’m kinda jazzed for this. Santana and Ortiz haven’t done all that many singles matches since coming to AEW! Let’s do this!

Mox’s entrance is always an experience. Love that he’s being called ‘The Big Boss’. Also, I like that new eye patch. I also give Mox props for maintaining the injury story in Japan.

I loved this match SO much and I wasn’t really sure what to expect from it. Both guys did a great job here. Mox and Ortiz sold like crazy for each other. I was actually surprised Mox did such a great job of being the imperiled babyface, especially with that eye. Mox winning wasn’t a surprise, of course, but he and Ortiz did a GREAT job. Even the standard, jump behind the back spot was good, but I like that AEW is keeping Mox strong.

Mox taunting Jericho with those car keys was hilarious! Using the key to try and put Santana’s eye out was disturbing, but also works, just a little creepy. Also, who wrestles with car keys in their pocket?

Best Friends and Orange Cassidy vs SCU

I was today years old when I found out that Chris Jericho and Christopher Daniels have NEVER had a match together. How is that possible?! That needs to be fixed! Get on it, AEW!

This was a really good match! SCU is trying to get back into a spot to get a rematch from Page and Omega, which they should’ve gotten anyway, but anyway. I still don’t get Orange Cassidy and probably never will, but Trent? is incredible and I like watching him.

SCU gets the win, but Dark Order comes in with the beatdown on everyone. AEW showed some light by showing Kaz and Sky almost waiting for Dark Order to show up. Also, where the fuck was Christopher Daniels. The big, masked guy is too big to be Daniels, so where was he? Love Cassidy turning Dark Order down, but the beatdown was fun too.

Oh, there’s Christopher Daniels. Wonder if he’s the Exalted One?

They are really building up this Cody getting his lashes thing. I smell shenanigans and hijinks afoot.

Britt Baker vs Yuka Sakazaki

Have we ever talk about what a genius move it was for AEW to sign an ACTUAL dentist to their roster? Britt Baker can not only whip your ass, but she’ll replace the teeth she knocked out! Everyone wins!

OH, Yuka was part of some of the early, pre-Dynamite Women’s Matches! Yay, we got Aubrey Edwards!

This match…wasn’t great. It wasn’t drizzling shits bad, but it was a little sloppy. I will say that some of those punches looked stiffer than normal. I hated the finish, but Britt got her own back by beating the hell out of Yuka. I like this heel Britt Baker a lot more than the smiley one. Poor Yuka, she legit lost a tooth and got put in the Lockjaw, which wouldn’t have felt great.

Kenny Omega, Hangman Page and the Young Bucks vs Lucha Brothers and Butcher and Blade (with Bunny)

Interesting that Kenny and the Bucks are ‘The Elite’, but Page is listed separately, but they came out to the same music and Page left The Elite behind to get into the ring. Subtle storytelling here.

I will say, I love Omega and Page trying to act like Tag Team Champions, but the cracks are there.

Bucks vs Lucha Brothers is a Fight Forever Tag Team Feud. It will always grab attention because both teams are SO good.

It’s interesting that Omega and the Bucks basically ignored Page for a good chunk of this match. Not helping things, fellas.

Fuck, how strong is Page, Butcher ain’t a featherweight!

The Lucha Brothers have a pinfall victory over the Tag Team Champions. They had some help, of course, but they are in line for a title shot…or should be and the cracks in the Elite are growing. Omega trying to play peacemaker is nice. Love the little thing of Page literally grabbing a beer on his way out of the ring.  This implosion is SUCH good TV.

Okay, are we going to make it official that Omega and Riho are dating, at least in kayfabe, because they seem to be playing it that they are. The Pac/Nyla Rose partnership is odd, but also very compelling, it’s like a mirror version of Omega and Riho. At least they didn’t have Pac attack Riho, I think shit would’ve been ugly if that had happened.

Sammy Guevara vs Darby Allin at Revolution? I’m game!

Kip Sabian (with Penelope Ford) vs Joey Janela

So, it’s Penelope Ford’s current boyfriend vs her ex-boyfriend TODAY on Jerry Springer…er…Dynamite. Actually, I thought they’d save this match for Revolution as a pre-show, mid-card match.

Actually,  this match is really good. I’m impressed. Still think they should save it for PPV, but this is REALLY good. Janela is like Mox and Allin, he’s not a stereotypical babyface, but he’s fun to root for because he gives no fucks.

Kudos to Penelope Ford for taking that bump, that looked like it legit hurt. Also, it’s 2020, can we stop having women being used as prizes in a wrestling feud? Also, not cool calling Ford a Jezebel.

2-12-202 Dynamite Card: Jon Moxley vs Santana, SCU vs Kenny Omega and Hangman Page, Nyla Rose vs Riho,

So, the cracks are REALLY showing with the Elite. Page is done with all this shit. At least he has a PITCHER of beer to drink straight from.

Cody and MJF

Well, we’re actually going to do this, apparently. Cody will take ten lashes, one for each supposedly empty promise he made to MJF. I like everyone really selling how bad this is going to be. Props to Cody for going through with it.

Holy Jesus and all the saints and apostles, this was hard to watch. I’ve seen clips of Sandman caning the fuck out of Tommy Dreamer and this was as hard to watch as that was. For the record, Sandman caning Tommy Dreamer was instrumental in making Dreamer THE top babyface in ECW back in the day, something that he maintained even in the WWE ECW days because the audience saw Dreamer take that beating and not give up. It feels like AEW is going for the same with Cody and I say it worked. The crowd was behind Cody all the way.

Cody’s enemies and friends gathering to watch was an interesting touch and great storytelling, TBH. It was BRUTAL, but it told a great story. MJF is now the most hated man in AEW and Cody is a top babyface. I would say he’s THE top face, but I still say Mox has that particular crown and Cody will have trouble dislodging it from his head.

Damn, they played the wife card. Having Brandi be there as Cody’s wife, not her current character is superb storytelling. Having MJF not believing Cody was willing to go through with the full ten lashes is SUPERB storytelling.

Honestly, thank God this isn’t the old days where riots were a frequent occurrence in wrestling because MJF and Wardlow would’ve gotten killed. I hope that fan that got beat down was attacking MJF and not just one grabbed and punched. Revolution is going to be insane!

That’s it for Tiffany’s Dynamite Takes! Stay tuned for continuing coverage!

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