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EditorialTiffany's Takes: AEW On YouTube - BTE #195 & AEW Dark 3-17-20

Tiffany’s Takes: AEW On YouTube – BTE #195 & AEW Dark 3-17-20



As the world descends into Coronavirus chaos, the Elites of AEW try to hold it together; but how well will they succeed?

Being the Elite #195 – The One With The Stars

  • Kenny giving us an update on his hand. Still in a cast. He’ll hopefully be cleared in time for AEW Blood and Guts…if Blood and Guts happens.
  • Santana video bombing in the background, trying to start shit. No matter, we’ll do this little update somewhere else.
  • Santana followed them. This is schoolyard shit. Okay, maybe it’s not Santana because the guy just ran like a scared little bitch.
  • It’s Matt Jackson’s birthday! He claims he’s twenty-five…Wikipedia says differently, or I misheard him. Either way, he’s getting what looks like pizza! Nope, cookies, and they aren’t even chocolate chip.
  • Christopher Daniels giving piggy back rides. Ooh, what’s in the box. NEW NIKE…something or others! Cool shoes, bro. Broke them in by superkicking Scorpio Sky.
  • Brandon fanboying over Omega and Page vs Young Bucks and they aren’t having it. Oh, everyone’s much more interested in Meltzer giving them six stars. Well deserved, I might add. No high fives for Kenny. Someone needs to tell Page. Not sure he’d care, but he needs to know.
  • Tony Schiavone! Tony’s blowing some smoke up Matt’s ass and Matt ain’t having it. Oh, Schiavone likes Barista!Matt and doesn’t believe the match got six stars. Oh, Schiavone giving barista lessons…on a Keurig. These guys are ridiculous and it’s so much fun.
  • PSA – Public Swole Announcement: Almost every store sells deodorant…please use it.
  • Brandon Cutler and Nakazawa licking their wounds and Avalon rubbing it in.
  • Colt Cabana is a goof and now Brandon is rubbing the loss in. Leva Bates keeping the peace.
  • Young Bucks Book Plug.
  • Page getting drunk…again. Cutler trying to make nice. Page is being weird. Brandon is stirring the pot. Page still a little sore over the near triple superkick, but given the way he’s been acting, I wouldn’t have blamed Kenny or the Bucks for it. Okay, Brandon’s not stirring the pot, he’s trying to bring Page back on side, but I think things between Page and Matt are past the point of fixing. Page doesn’t want to hear that he might be responsible for the breakdown of his friendship with the Bucks or that Matt was well within his rights to flip him off. He’d rather just blame the Bucks and not look in the mirror. Page didn’t know about Nick being taken out.Maybe now Page will change his tune…Nope. He won’t go to the hospital but he’s feeling bad, as he should.
  • Matt looks tired. Nick will be fine, but he’ll be out for awhile. Matt wants to talk about Coronavirus. No one knew how wild Coronavirus would be. Sounds like AEW will be in Daily’s Place for the time being. Glad they’re taking this seriously.

AEW Dark – 3-17-20: Salt Lake City Slapfight


Peter Avalon vs Colt Cabana

Well, the feud over who is the worst wrestler/biggest loser in AEW continues, and, personally, I’d add Colt Cabana  to this list, but that’s me.

The match was okay, I can’t say I was impressed with Avalon or Cabana, but it wasn’t terrible. I’m not sure what was going on with them fighting over Leva Bates, but it was…weird. Cabana got the W, but I wouldn’t call that match a winner.

Tony and Dasha and what seems like a pretty obvious green screen.

Christopher Daniels vs Stu Grayson

Last week, Christopher Daniels mocked the Dark Order and offered to prove that there was no Exalted One by facing Stu Grayson and Evil Uno in separate singles matches. Time to put the cash where the yap is.

This was a GREAT match! Grayson did a good job of covering for Daniels in places where he wasn’t as sharp. Daniels won, making good on his claim about the Exalted One. I really hope its Matt Hardy because anyone else would just flop after all this build.

Penelope Ford vs Riho

Riho’s first singles match since losing to Nyla Rose. This was a pretty hard-hitting match, which I wasn’t expecting for Dark. Kip Sabian earned his kisses by helping distract Riho, but it was Ford’s intelligence that would get her the win over Riho by using the ref as a distraction. It looked like Taz was having way too much fun with his drawing over Ford’s lovely Norther Lights Suplex.

Upcoming Shows: Dynamite from Daily’s Place tomorrow, shows for the foreseeable future to be done in a set with no fans.

TH2 vs Brandon Cutler and Michael Nakazawa

Match 2 of the Biggest Loser story line. How did it go? Well, Nakazawa was basically TH2’s chew toy for half the match. I will say that if the point of all this is to build Cutler up as a low card babyface that the fans want to see win, they’re doing a good job of that. TH2 got the win, but it wasn’t because Nakazawa and Cutler didn’t try, especially Cutler.

That’s it for Tiffany’s Takes for the AEW YouTube Shows! Tune in tomorrow for AEW Dynamite.

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