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EditorialTiffany's Takes: Being the Elite #193+94 & AEW Dark Ep 23+24

Tiffany’s Takes: Being the Elite #193+94 & AEW Dark Ep 23+24



Tiffany’s Takes plays a little bit of catch up on the last few YouTube shows since Revolution!

Being the Elite 193 – The One with The Tattoo

  • All the straight edge guys are beat to hell after that tag match at Revolution, the guy who drinks is fresh as a daisy.
  • Bucks have been on the road a lot and the kiddos aren’t enjoying it. Nick’s baby is due, there wasn’t an announcement but she was clearly pregnant during the Christmas episode.
  • Daniels needing someone to talk to…and its Orange Cassidy. The sunglasses are the secret.
  • The Librarians are dating. That date sounds like nerd central to me. Oh no, not this guy again.
  • Bucks giving a fan a great experience. They’re pulling rank to make this fan happy. This guy is absolutely GOBSMACKED! what a great experience for him!
  • They’re at the C2E2 convention. Ah, Cody’s tattoo. Well, at least he’s honest. Someone spotted the tat and the cover’s blown.
  • Bucks’ book is out in September. They’re being good sports over how homoerotic that cover seems. That wristband is cool.
  • Choir rehearsals.
  • Brandon still being a good bro. Matt broke Sammy Guevara’s sunglasses in the battle royal.
  • Wait, what the fuck is happening?
  • Sammy in the wrong locker room
  • AWW, Matt bought Sammy a new pair of sunglasses to replace the ones he broke! There can be peace between the Elite and the Inner Circle!
  • No Hangman. Bucks wanting to remember that they’ll be friends after the match is over. I don’t think Hangman is their friend to start with.
  • That tag match was SOOOO good!
  • Getting ready to head home to all the kiddos. 910? Who could be that be?
  •  SPOILER: It’s Matt Hardy. What? This thing is a week old, if you didn’t hear about the Bucks being on Free the Delete, I don’t know what to tell you.

AEW Dark Episode 23

Britt Baker and Penelope Ford vs Riho and Yuka Sakazaki

This was taped before Revolution.

This started in chaos. Lovely. Britt getting double teamed by the faces. I don’t know what that move was called, but it looked a little clumsy.

This was a really good match. Britt Baker turning heel was a fabulous decision and Sabian really earned his kisses by helping distract the babyfaces. Still, it was a great match, Baker makes Riho tap to the LockJaw. Ford and Baker could be a great women’s tag team…or not. There seems to be some dissension in the ranks.


Being the Elite #194 – The One With the Dad Talk 

  • Overworked Barista!Matt. Or his friends are being dicks, not sure. Maybe Matt isn’t cut out to work in a coffee shop. Thankfully, this is a joke and not serious.
  • Sold all buy 100 seats in Denver! Dropped the phone on someone’s head. DUDES, don’t fuck with Canadian Honkers, they are vile fuckers. Of course, Kenny can approach because he’s Canadian.
  • BASKETBALL!!!!! Trent keeping things tidy.
  • No Nick. He’s ‘not cleared’. Actually, his wife had the baby. Oh, Nick’s the navigator. Yeah, Matt, what’s going on with Matt Hardy? Ooh, I’m intrigued.
  • Brandon Cutler is the BEST bro. Dude, what the fuck?
  • Hangman making nice. Colt Cabana being camera shy. IDK about Colt. I want to like him, but he reminds me of Jimmy Garvin, and not in a good way. Oh, we doing a little reverse psychology? I don’t think so.
  • Public Swole Announcement: Who the fuck puts raisins in potato salad? I agree with tenderizing meat, especially steak.
  • Billy Gunn! Billy’s feeling disconnected. Must be age catching up with him. Oh, lord, not this asshole again.
  • When will Cutler get a win?! He was so close and Spears fucked him over! Avalon rubbing it in. A legit discussion over who is the worst wrestler: Nakazawa, Avalon, or Cutler. Matt is losing touch with reality and Brandon thinks he’s being buried. Nice piano playing, Brandon, man after my own heart.
  • Cody’s got to give the dad talk and if Page spill that shit on Cody’s suit, it’s on. Yeah, this isn’t good. The Elite is about to blow.

AEW Dark Episode 24

I’m so happy TAZ is AEW’s color commentator for DARK! I forgot how really good he is at this. Also: LOVE that he made a point of specifying Jimmy Havoc of AEW from Havok on TNA.

Kip Sabian and Peter Avalon vs Jurassic Express

Sabian trying to get in Luchasaurus’ face was hilarious.  I honestly think Penelope and Leva are going to get it on too.

This was a REALLY good match. Marko hitting up Ford and Bates was funny. Ooh, I was right, we got a catfight brewing. I’m glad to see JE getting treated more seriously and less like a funny act. JE get the win and move up the ranks. I also love their new finisher. Very cool.

Tony and Dasha! Tony repping Cody’s t-shirt. Oh, the Pharaoh shirt supports Planned Pethood.  AEW will cover adoption fees for two weeks.

Jimmy Havoc vs Severino Corrente

This was an okay match. It was more about Havoc getting some momentum than anything else. One thing about AEW that I really like is that the jobber matches aren’t out an out squashes. The jobber actually gets some offense in.  Havoc winning wasn’t a surprise, I’m just glad Corrente got to look good too. Luther and Havoc finally made contact and this seems to be the feud of Dark, which is nice.

Upcoming AEW Shows: Salt Lake City, Rochester, Newark, Milwaukee, St. Louis, Boston, Philadelphia, Houston, New Orleans, Albuquerque, Las Vegas (Double or Nothing and Dynamite).

Abadon vs Hikaru Shida


I’m really intrigued by this match since Kenny Omega seemed SUPER hyped about Abadon.  Well, she’s got an…interesting look, if nothing else. Shida’s not sure what to think of Abadon and I do not blame her.

Okay, Abadon is good and kind of has an Undertaker vibe to her. I’m not a fan of the makeup, but it’s her gimmick. This is a pretty good match. Shida is selling being freaked out by Abadon very well. Shida gets the win, no big shock, but that was a pretty good match.

Brandon Cutler and Sonny Kiss vs Private Party

Well, let’s see if Brandon Cutler can FINALLY get a win.

Once again, Sonny Kiss is basically cannon fodder. Cutler gets the tag, and he’s determined to get this win, by god. This isn’t a great match, but I SOOO want Cutler and Kiss to win one. I don’t think they will, but I could be surprised.

Nope, no surprise. Private Party won and I’m really irked about it. I wanted Cutler and Kiss to get a win. Death Triangle is here to beat everyone up. I’m not sure who came out to make the save, but they just go their clock cleaned. Must’ve been Chuck Taylor because here comes Trent and Cassidy. Nope, that was Joey Janela, which sets up tomorrow’s six man.

That’s it for Tiffany’s Takes! Tune in tomorrow for AEW Dynamite.

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