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EditorialTNA Slammiversary 2014 Review & Analysis

TNA Slammiversary 2014 Review & Analysis



The TNA Slammiversary 2014 show took place this past Sunday night in Arlington, Texas. For the first time in a while, TNA drew a pretty solid audience for a live show, with approximately 3,000 fans (according to initial reports, final number could and likely will be different) packing inside the arena for a rare TNA pay-per-view event.

While I’m not the biggest fan of the weekly TNA Impact Wrestling television product on Spike TV, in fact often times I can’t even bring myself to watch it, I thought Slammiversary was a great event from start-to-finish.

When you look up and down the TNA roster, you realize that for a pay-per-view structured show, where you have eight-or-so matches that can go ten-to-twenty minutes, TNA has all of the ability in the world. They have the exact right mix of talent to put on a great card of matches.

On this particular show, I felt the inclusion of The Von Erich’s was a brilliant idea. The match felt special in front of the near-Dallas crowd, as Ross and Marshall’s father, along with his brother’s, were local god’s in the area for a long time. The crowd was hot for their match against Jessie Godderz and Zema Ion, and super-hot for Kevin Von Erich’s run-in at the end of the match.

The TNA Hall Of Fame announcement for Team 3D really came off as a special announcement thanks large-in-part due to the reaction from the Texas fans. They really took to the announcement as if it were a really big deal, which in some ways it is, and really made Team 3D come off as a true legendary tag-team.

Most, if not, all of the matches on the show delivered on Sunday night. There were very few duds, and even the women’s match managed to deliver for what it was — a simple, short Knockouts-style match with a gimmick finish.

If TNA could nail-down a better weekly television product, these pay-per-views might actually sell, because on their own as wrestling shows, they almost always deliver. When you turn your television set off after the pay-per-view has concluded, you certainly feel like you got your money’s worth. At least that’s the feeling I had this past Sunday night after watching Slammiversary.

But for a company that is rumored to sell around 10,000 pay-per-views per show, it will be interesting to see if Ring Of Honor, which is about to debut on legitimate pay-per-view, as opposed to internet pay-per-view, can compete with the “number two” company in the business. Personally, I feel that at least at first, ROH will out-sell TNA on pay-per-view. Either way, it’s interesting to have a third brand enter the pay-per-view market.

What did you guys think of TNA Slammiversary 2014? Leave your feedback in the “Comments” section below. You can also hit me up at and/or follow me on Twitter @MBoone420.

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