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EditorialTop 5 Wrestling Bunnies

Top 5 Wrestling Bunnies



It’s Easter! Which means all types of things to all types of people. For the purpose of this light-hearted column, we’re going to talk about what Easter means to the kids. The Easter Bunny!

Sure, kids are taught about the religious overtones and whatnot. But kids are also taught that a giant bunny stops by their house and leaves eggs for them to find. The eggs typically have money in them. Candy is involved. It’s a good time and a great lesson in capitalism & obesity for the little scamps.

The Easter Bunny stands out from the rest of the “folks that visit young kids & give them things” pack for one reason: He’s a gigantic bunny. Who doesn’t love bunnies? I happen to know that wrestling fans love bunnies, so it’s as good a time as any to count down the five best wrestling bunnies.

5. Bad Bunny

No, he isn’t a wrestler. But Bad Bunny is close personal friends with Ric Flair and that’s good enough to put him on this list. He also likes to cosplay being a pro wrestler, as the video below indicates:

Catchy, right? I could see getting down at the club to it in a world where people go to clubs.

4. Ralph the Rabbit

If you’re like me and was watching WCW in the mid-1990s, you probably remember Dave “Evad” Sullivan, the dyslexic brother of the Taskmaster. He was the #1 Hulkamaniac, which led to a falling out with his brother because Kevin wanted to destroy Hulkamania. Dave became a sympathetic figure to WCW fans and mostly worked the undercard. While in the hospital after an attack by Ric Flair, Dave received a visit from the Diamond Doll, who presented him with a pet rabbit. Of course, Diamond Dallas Page wasn’t too happy with this, and it led to quite the feud.

Once that ended, Dave found himself wrestling Big Bubba, which was bad news for Bubba because Dave was still taking Ralph to the ring with him. Turns out that Bubba was allergic to rabbits!

I can’t say I was enthralled by the feud as a youngster, but it’s not like both WCW & WWF didn’t have multiple feuds that were more embarrassing during the time.

3. The Rabbit Tribe

Paul London was always an interesting fellow. An interesting place like Lucha Underground let him do his thing. I’ll let him explain the Rabbit Tribe in the video below.

London and friends followed the White Rabbit, who ended up being a man we’ll be seeing a lot more of in NXT pretty soon: Killer Kross. Hopefully Kross tones down his act a little bit in NXT, I’d hate to see any more little people meet an untimely demise.

2. Bunny the Rosebud

Adam Rose was the hottest thing in WWE for a minute. Every independent wrestler wanted to be a Rosebud, which was what Rose called the members of the entourage that would accompany him to the ring. One of the regular members of the group wore a bunny suit, and got over to the point where he would team with Rose in matches. Believe it or not, this didn’t last, and Rose eventually turned against The Bunny.

I remember people online speculating on who was in the bunny costume, and if there would be a big revelation leading to a feud with Rose or somebody else. It didn’t. Justin Gabriel was the man in the costume, and he asked for his release soon after Rose’s heel turn. Dude had to see the writing on the wall when he didn’t even get to unmask during the heel turn.

1. Butcher & Blade’s associate Bunny

Some of us discovered her as Cherry Bomb on the indy circuit. Others may remember her as the sweet, innocent Allie in Impact Wrestling. Since joining All Elite Wrestling, Allie has transitioned from her perky babyface character to the evil, sinister Bunny in the corner of The Butcher & The Blade. Probably not the type of bunny you’d want leaving eggs for your kids. On the other hand, she’s probably not the type of bunny you’d mind finding late at night, if ya know what I’m saying.

Happy Easter!

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