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EditorialWhich NXT Tag Team Deserves to Win the Dusty Classic?

Which NXT Tag Team Deserves to Win the Dusty Classic?



What a tribute to “The Dream”, many of his kids, the young up-and-coming stars of NXT battling it out for supremacy. Many teams have been thrown together for this tag team war of the battleground known as NXT. But in the black and yellow squared circle it’s almost certainly going to be won by an established team. Breeze and Dempsey, Corbin and Rhyno, all four men are extremely talented, but this is where the full-time tag teams are to shine. If the Vaudevillain’s don’t win as I almost guarantee they wont be, that sets the ground work for a tag title program involving the aforementioned tag champions versus the winners of this tournament. So who deserves to win this thing?

Many people may have a difference of opinion but one team and one team alone needs to win this thing. That would be the team of Jason Jordan and Chad Gable. Coming off a huge win over the immensely talented Neville and Solomon Crowe, these two guys have a wave of momentum they’ll need to keep riding. The duo make amateur wrestling look cool and fun, and they have a super look and solid chemistry together. Though they’re heels they still are welcomed to Full Sail with some respect from the rowdy Florida crowd week in and week out. Well why shouldn’t they? They’re only just WWE’s current incarnation of The Worlds Greatest Tag Team. If you look at Jordan and Gable, and then Shelton and Charlie, you’ll see why many people would think that.

Yes the duo is quite amazing at everything they’re doing right now. They can talk, they can wrestle, they can engage the crowd. Most importantly their chemistry is what sets them apart from some other guys thrown together in NXT. I think it would be fair to say a Colin Cassidy and Enzo Amore call up to the main roster is likely to happen soon. Maybe have the finals of the Dusty Classic be Enzo and Big Cass. Have them go toe-to-toe with Gable and Jordan, then have Enzo do the job for Gable or Jordan. This will be a great gift the veterans and most over tag team in the brand can do for the new guys with tons of potential. This will also lay the ground work for them to lay claim, as the winners of the tournament, that they should be able to face Gotch and English for the NXT Tag Titles. That’s the only reason the tag champions aren’t going to take this tournament or go further in it, is because they’ll likely be in a rematch clause program with Blake and Murphy.

The biggest story behind the team of Gable and Jordan, is just that the story. There are few teams in WWE who actually have a story on how they became a team. Jordan was in desperate need of a partner following his separation from, Perfect Ten. He was matched up with many of ill fitting partners, before a narcissistic little spark plug comes irritating his was into the mix. Enter Chad Gable, a reluctant Jordan was unsure and even against forming this team. But we were allowed to watch them grow and evolve into an amazing team, and I speculate the real friendship they are today. They aren’t here to impress us specifically, they’re here to win in the black and yellow world of NXT. Thanks especially goes out to Jordan for finally allowing Gable to help him make an impact in the NXT tag division, because we’re the winners in that regard.

As long as we don’t get the old separation routine WWE has done to many tag teams over the years, WWE has a winning act here. Creative needs to keep them relevant and top contenders pending the program of Blake and Murphy versus English and Gotch (which it’d be a wise booking decision to have the faces win there). This opens up the potential for a very entertaining feud between the Vaudevillain’s and Jordan and Gable. Only time will tell who will win the classic and receive the push, I’d love it to be Gable and Jordan, but again it’s really up to NXT officials. I was just throwing them out there as “that” team, and if NXT doesn’t see them as gold then that’s on them. I’ll still be watching NXT regardless of who wins because NXT is easily the best wrestling product going today, or at least in the top three.

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