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EditorialWho Should Retire John Cena? | Question Of The Day

Who Should Retire John Cena? | Question Of The Day



Welcome to another eWrestlingNews Question of the Day!

At last weekend’s WWE Money in the Bank 2024 premium live event, John Cena made the announcement that he is on his farewell tour and will retire from professional wrestling in 2025. He will have one more Royal Rumble, Elimination Chamber, WrestleMania, etc, before bowing out sometime later in the year.

With no other details or announcements to work with, it’s time to just start speculating at random who he might face over however many matches.

So that is my question for you today: “Who should be John Cena’s final opponent?”

Remember to answer with your response in the comments below.

As far as my answer…

I think a lot of this depends on just how many matches we should expect out of Cena from now until his retirement in December 2025. At the very least, we can write the Royal Rumble and Elimination Chamber off the list, as those are multi-man matches that have no real focal points. He could have some moments here and there with people, but I don’t think any of them should revolve entirely around Cena’s retirement concept.

There are a lot of people I want to see Cena have matches with. Almost anyone on the roster could be an interesting choice, to varying levels, to be honest. However, we’re naturally not looking at Ashante Adonis or Javier Bernal for one of the few spots. Even people like Sami Zayn, who have had great matches with Cena in the past, shouldn’t take priority, in my mind.

There are 7 people I put above the rest. However, even those 7, I can’t fully rank because I don’t know how Cena’s retirement is going to go. Does he want to go out against a friend in a show of respect? Is the plan for him to go out losing to a heel?

Therefore, my answer has some caveats to it. Forgive me if this is considered cheating!

I want to see Cena vs. Logan Paul, but not for the retirement. That might be a good WrestleMania option.

I would be 100% down for Cena to face Gunther at WrestleMania, if Brock Lesnar vs. Gunther isn’t on the table. To be honest, I wouldn’t be opposed if Cena were to beat Gunther for the World Heavyweight Championship and get his 17th title reign, too. That is, assuming Gunther wins the title at SummerSlam or elsewhere, of course. Gunther’s also a great potential opponent for him at any point with or without a title on the line, but unless Cena plans on losing his retirement match in a downer against a heel, I don’t think that should be THE retirement match.

I’ll cross off CM Punk for the finale. They should wrestle at some point, but I’d be fine with them interacting in the Royal Rumble or Elimination Chamber and nothing else.

Carmelo Hayes should happen. I want that at another pay-per-view, though. Book that for something like Backlash, SummerSlam, etc.

There are primarily 3 candidates I can see being the ones to wrestle Cena’s last match, to varying degrees.

Cody Rhodes has to be on the table. Bron Breakker would be a great option to put over a younger star and really cement him as a top guy in the making. But I think at the end of the day, I’d have those two matches take place at other times, and come circling back around to Randy Orton as John Cena’s final opponent.

The two have far too much history with each other and are good friends. Their rivalry was one of the biggest go-to tales for such a long span of their careers. I don’t want to see a Kurt Angle versus Baron Corbin situation happen here, where Angle wanted his last match to be against Cena, but WWE wouldn’t allow it. There’s a very good chance Orton is Cena’s pick, and I think a lot of fans would lean in that direction, too.

Sometimes, you just play the hits and go out with a classic. In this case, Orton and Cena face off, whoever wins wins, and they hug at the end.

What do you think should be John Cena’s final opponent? Drop your thoughts below!

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