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EditorialWho Should Win Women's Midcard Titles In WWE? | Question Of The...

Who Should Win Women’s Midcard Titles In WWE? | Question Of The Day



Welcome to another eWrestlingNews Question of the Day!

One of the rumors flying around this week was that WWE plans to create a Women’s Intercontinental Championship and a Women’s United States Championship as midcard belts for Raw and SmackDown.

The validity of these rumors remains unknown. Much belt talk over recent years was outright false. If it ended up being true, it took so long that the initial rumors might have been false to begin with and things just changed over time. So until WWE makes any official announcement, it has to be treated as just a “maybe” at this point.

But why not speculate while the topic is fresh again? After all, the NXT Women’s North American Championship proves WWE has at least some interest in a midcard women’s title. There’s no reason not to believe the main roster couldn’t get the same treatment.

So that is my question for you today: “If WWE creates midcard titles, which Superstars on Raw and SmackDown would you give the belts?”

Remember to answer with your response in the comments below.

As far as my answer…

Raw Roster – Women’s Intercontinental Championship

Generally speaking, for both rosters, anyone who has a checklist of things to knock off like Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair, Bianca Belair and Bayley should get a crack at these titles. I like it when future Hall of Famers are able to cross off all the boxes. So while I won’t be focused on them, keep all them in your mind that I’d be down for those top names to win and help establish the notoriety of these belts.

That applies to Asuka as well, who would be one of my top picks. Depending on when they would circulate these titles and when she’d be back in action, I could see her, Iyo Sky, Kairi Sane or Dakota Kai, for that matter, being great picks.

I’d love to shout out Raquel Rodriguez though. That poor woman has only been given chances at the women’s tag titles on multiple occasions where they took the title away from her soon after. Clearly, they like her, but not enough to trust her with the real titles. Why not go with a midcard title, then? However, I couldn’t pick her without knowing her medical status.

On the Raw side of things, Liv Morgan could eventually get it, Natalya would make a great choice if she re-signs with the company, and Sonya Deville would finally potentially win a title. It could be a great vessel to push Zoey Stark as well. Pretty much one-third of the Raw roster could win it and I wouldn’t bat an eye.

However, my top pick of all would be Kiana James. She’s done nothing since being drafted to the main roster, and she’s losing momentum FAST. This would be a great means to give her something to do while keeping her away from the top title where more responsibility would be on her shoulders.

If these come about for real, WWE should give the belt to James and use it to establish her, while she feuds with people like Lyra Valkyria, Ivy Nile, Zelina Vega and so on.

SmackDown Roster – Women’s United States Championship

As mentioned, keep Charlotte Flair, Bianca Belair, etc in mind. But those aren’t fun options to talk about, so let’s sideline them for now.

SmackDown doesn’t have as many women as Raw, so there isn’t as big of a variety to choose from. However, there are still some women with great potential to be midcard champions.

I’d lean much more toward an established name for this one to offset going with a newer talent like Kiana James. So while this could be a good vessel for Blair Davenport, for instance, I’m going to have to pass on her for now. She can win it later.

Nia Jax already has Queen of the Ring. Tiffany Stratton has Money in the Bank and will probably be the top champion soon enough. B-Fab can’t wrestle, Elektra Lopez is basically a manager as well, and Tegan Nox is perpetually M.I.A.

I’m thinking this boils down to Chelsea Green for a more comedic, weasel-heel run, Jade Cargill so she can do something until winning the more important title, or Naomi. Sorry Michin and company.

Given how I think Cargill will face Flair for the WWE Women’s Championship at WrestleMania, I don’t think Jade is necessarily the best route to go. She’d have to drop the title beforehand, or do a unification; neither of which sounds good to me.

I’d actually put the belt on Naomi of all people on SmackDown. She’s unlikely to win the top titles any time soon, so this gives her another purpose. As a former multi-time champion, she helps establish some of the credibility of this title, but also is in a position where she could lose to almost anyone and people would believe it, meaning the title is always in jeopardy.

Who would you like to see win women’s midcard belts? Alternatively, do you think these championships shouldn’t exist? Drop your thoughts below!

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