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EditorialWho will be the GM's?

Who will be the GM’s?



So as you all probably know by now, Vince McMahon announced on Monday night Raw this week that Stephanie McMahon will be the Commissioner of Raw while Shane McMahon will be the Commissioner of Smackdown following the draft. He also announced that next Monday on Raw each sibling must chose a General Manager for their brand. So with that in mind, who are we all thinking these GM’s will be? Let’s take a look at some possible people.

*Disclaimer* I’m aware that there has been a spoiler in regards to who one of the GM’s will be, but I will write this as if we aren’t aware of that in case people don’t want to be spoiled.

Eric Bischoff

So my personal first choice for one of the GM’s would be Eric Bischoff. He’s done it before and I’ve always been a huge fan of his on-screen character. Say what you want about the guy in regards to his backstage demeanor and so on, but as far as his on-screen character was very entertaining. In that on-screen authority role he’s thrived whenever he’s done it. I’d personally mark out if I heard ‘I’m BAAAAACK’ blaring over the titantron again. I’m thinking that he’d be a perfect GM for Raw working under Stephanie, since he accommodates her being a heel, and there’s plenty of scope also for him to go against her at some point if they chose to go with that. Bischoff has come out and teased and denied that he’s returning, but I could easily see him back.

Mick Foley

I think this explains itself. Foley’s popular, he has a Network show on the way, he’s done the role before when he was ‘Commissioner Foley’, which was pretty entertaining, and he’d be a god choice to accommodate Shane’s face character on Smackdown, which is where I’d put him.


JBL’s a popular heel character on tv already, though many have soured on his commentary. He does have a good dynamic/camaraderie with Michael Cole at the table, but moving him away from the commentary table could be a way to freshen him up. It also gives WWE a chance to shake up the commentary teams a bit and give someone else a chance at the table. JBl has had some experience in a GM role when he did it for NXT for a while, but it’s easy to see him filling this roe on Raw or Smackdown.

Daniel Bryan

Many people have outlined Daniel Bryan as a guy they’d like to see filling one of the GM roles. WWE would no doubt like to bring Bryan back onscreen on a regular basis to capitalize on his unwavering popularity. I’m personally not sure if Bryan would fit the GM role, and I’m not even sure if he’d want to do it. I get the feeling that he’d not want to be in that ring on such a regular basis if he wasn’t wrestling. Alas, if he was to get the job, then I wouldn’t complain since it would be great to see Bryan on a regular basis again.

Ric Flair

Last time we saw Ric Flair he was dumped as manager by his daughter. It would be easy to put Flair in a GM role as he’s popular enough and has the chops to pull the role off.

Jerry Lawler

I’m not sure if Lawler has been reinstated on the commentary team since his suspension was lifted, but I always said while he was suspended that this was a good chance to take him off the commentary table. While I believe that Lawler has had a bit of a rebirth as commentator since he switched to Smackdown and turned heel again, I feel as if with him being suspended and with the draft coming up, this was a god chance for WWE to change the commentary teams up a bit to freshen things up. David Otunga has been at the commentary table as of late and hasn’t done that badly, Byron Saxton keeps improving and you also have Corey Graves who does an excellent job alongside Tom Phillips in NXT. I think WWe can afford to move Jerry Lawler from the commentary table. I thought that it would be a good idea to swap him and Graves from the pre-shows, but with need of GM’s, Lawler could easily fill in one off those roles. He’s a popular figure, can play a face or a heel, and it’s easy to see him doing this for Raw or Smackdown.

Recent former GM’s

I guess it’s possible that we’ll get one of the former GM’s/authority figures that we’ve seen pop up recently make a return as GM. I personally however wouldn’t be that excited to see Teddy Long or Kane in a GM role. John Laurinitis I could get behind since he was an easy character to hate, I think we’ve all had our fill of Vickie Guerrero though.

I know that there’s a host of people that WWE could pick for these roles, so I’ve just outlined some options there of who I’d like/who I see getting the jobs. Who would you like to see being chosen as Raw and Smackdown GM’s? Who do you think are the most likely options?

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